Social Venture Network (SVN) is a community of socially responsible enterprises exploring new solutions for building a more just and sustainable economy. Founded by Wayne Silby and Josh Mailman over 25 years ago, SVN is a platform to connect, inspire and support sustainable economic activity.

Sadhguru was invited to speak at the recent 2013 SVN Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on October 18. The conference included a variety of business and social leaders, with representatives from companies such as Etsy, New Belgium Brewing Co, Honest Tea, IndieGogo, and UpWorthy, along with Sadhguru. Additionally, there was music, meditation and daily yoga sessions – unusual yet pleasantly surprising for a business conference.

Sadhguru spoke on the topic of “The Business of Business,” stressing the need to connect business concerns and human wellbeing, and the importance of thinking beyond basic needs and wants:

“I think unless we conduct in a way that enhances our own life and everybody’s lives around us, the whole humanity will go to waste if we continue to do things that don’t mean anything to us. In the name of business, people have separated business and life. I’m trying to bring it together everywhere I go. It’s the business of life. There is no business and life. Life is business.”

Sadhguru also spoke on the need to create a “wave of positive momentum” for youth to ride on, which can be achieved by affirming the positive rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of society.


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