14th October being Mahalaya Amavasya, a spiritually significant day, Linga Bhairavi Devi Pooja was conducted in the morning hours by a Bhairagini Maa from the Linga Bhairavi Temple, at the Arya Vysya Abhudaya Sangam Hall in Hyderabad.

Overnight the place transformed from a bare hall to a space decorated for a goddess. Adorned with flowers, glowing with lit brass lamps, enveloped in colorful sarees and embellished with various forms of Devi, the stage was a sight to see.

There was an overwhelming response for the event, the hall was packed to its limit as over 700 people attended. It was a public offering, attended by many who had no previous association with Isha. The program started off with an aarti and proceeded to the abhishekham (11 offerings to Devi), followed by chanting of Linga Bharavi stuthi and a video by Sadhguru.

The pooja, marking the beginning of Navratri celebrations that follow the Mahalaya Amavasya, also held a Gudi ceremony, Over 60 people have welcomed Devi into their homes in the form of a Gudi. A kacheri was held and ragas were sung enriching the event with sweet devotion. The program concluded with people bestowing Devi with various offerings and receiving prasadam.

"No better way to start the Navratri than to offer prayers to the Devi herself and seek her blessings. The consecration, bhajans and chants - everything led to a peaceful mind and a blessed feeling. Navratri period and Dusshera are big in my region and very important to my family. So, starting the Mahalaya Amavasya with Devi pooja was the best to happen to us. We weren't aware of what to expect, so walked in with an open mind and felt pleased with the whole process.” 



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