On January 1st, Isha volunteers in Chennai rang in the new year by launching Isha Kriya Week. During the course of a week, 4 lakh Isha Kriya DVDs will be distributed free in Chennai and surrounding areas, as a part of this effort. The DVDs are being distributed, and Isha Kriya guided meditations are being offered in at least 300 organizations in Chennai. DVDs are also being made available for free in major retail outlets including Green Trends and Coffee Day. Additionally, the DVDs are being distributed and continuous guided meditation sessions will be offered for a whole week at 44 venues in Chennai. Isha Kriya Weeks have been organized earlier in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, with close to 10 lakh DVDs distributed.

Isha Kriya is a simple but powerful practice designed by Sadhguru, to cope with the hectic pace of modern life. There is no dearth of meditation techniques today. What makes Isha Kriya special is its simplicity and effectiveness. It does not require you to sit through a program to learn it. It can be taught to anyone, by anyone, anywhere, in a short time. 12 to 18 minutes of practice per day is all it takes to bring peace, dynamism, and wellbeing into your life.

“Isha” means “that which is the source of creation.” “Kriya” means “an inward action towards that.” The whole purpose of Isha Kriya is to get you in touch with the source of your existence, in order to create your life the way you want. Provided as a free guided meditation online and available with written instructions as well, Isha Kriya offers the possibility to go beyond your limitations and live life to your fullest potential.


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Isha Kriya is available online, as a free guided meditation.