Day 1 - Highlights

Inner Engineering Bangalore - Day 1

The monsoon clouds which had been hanging heavily throughout the week gave way to a cool breeze which wafted through the program venue. The Bangalore volunteers’ enthusiasm and hard work bore fruit as thousands of participants poured into the carefully prepared hall. As they filled out their registration forms, Sounds of Isha enthralled the audience with the warm sounds of guitar, drums and flute. The volunteers were clearly overjoyed and ecstatic to see so many come to partake in Sadhguru's Grace, and they gently guided participants to their places.

Sadhguru's entrance was to a crowd of over 3,000 people – the biggest English Inner Engineering ever – some of whom had been present at the previous introductory talk and others who were seeing him for the first time. Starting with Q&A, participants asked questions ranging from Bramhacharya to Kailash to meditation. Sadhguru answered with his characteristic wit and wisdom and went on to explain the science behind Inner Engineering and Shambhavi Mahamudra. He then led the group in the Isha Kriya, an experiential process which has the possibility to transform one's inner nature to a state of love and joy.

One volunteer shares:

I have been an Isha meditator and volunteer for the past one-and-a-half years and had as yet not had the opportunity to be within Sadhguru's physical presence. So the first day of Inner Engineering with Sadhguru in Bangalore was mesmerizing and magical. Being with Sadhguru in person for the first time, I'm amazed that such wisdom flows so effortless and constantly from a living human being... Everything was impeccably designed and the enthusiasm and work of the Isha volunteers is contagious. It's a great joy to be a part of such an amazing organization. To have finally met my Guru in person leaves me utterly speechless."


Day 2 - Highlights

On the second day of Inner Engineering, Sadhguru opened the morning speaking about self-preservation and how our survival instincts make us create boundaries for ourselves. He then began to impart the sacred Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya, first teaching the preparatory asanas which are a foundational aspect of the practice.

One volunteer shared:

It was amazing for me to see how people throughout the program responded to Sadhguru. Even the people in the last row were shouting out their responses to his questions.

This afternoon, Sadhguru had an interactive session with the participants, walking out into the crowd while conducting the class. The closer he came to them on the ramp, the more they opened up and you could almost see their resistances falling away.

When Sadhguru asked them to close their eyes, it was fantastic to see that all of them just shut their eyes and sat, without looking around or having to be told twice. Other Isha programs I've been to as a volunteer, one of the biggest problems is just getting people to close their eyes. But here, it just happened so effortlessly - it just speaks volumes about the power and intensity, which was so palpable in the hall."


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The evening closed with Sadhguru telling all participants to be open about the event tomorrow because if they can do this tomorrow, and if we can remember to do this throughout our lives, we would all have a life of absolute bliss and beauty.


Day 3 - Highlights

Inner Engineering Bangalore - Day 3

When Sadhguru made the announcements the previous night about the Sunday program, many of us were surprised to hear him say "We'll be meeting at 6:30 tomorrow morning at the grounds" Grounds - as in open grounds? As in we would be conducting games for 3000 people? Needless to say, many of us were shocked, however Sadhguru put all our fears to rest in classic style.

It seemed as if there were isles of people stretching into the sunrise. One hundred and twenty rows of people all playing together, competing to be the first one to finish. The energy and camaraderie between all those participating was so inspiring. After almost two hours of playing, we were due back at session at 8:30. The energy in the venue had taken on a clear change, the volunteers all preparing themselves for the next few hours when the participants would be initiated.

One volunteer shares:

After experiencing the program as a volunteer, I have a sense that although Sadhguru is speaking for most of the sessions, most of the work he does with participants actually happens internally beyond the realm of the mind and words. It is as if he is speaking to the inner energy of every person while sitting in front of them."

The Shambhavi Initiation brought tears of meditation and bliss to the eyes of the participants, who were noticeably touched by the practice. After a whirlwind of activity, which covered question and answer with Sadhguru, vital information about the practice and a second Initiation, the program that many never imagined would happen was already coming to a close.

Sadhguru remarked on the commitment and dedication of the Bangalore volunteers who had brought together the biggest Isha program ever conducted outside of Tamil Nadu, and mentioned it was "good to be back in Karnataka." With the resounding chant of "Yogeeshwaraya" echoing through the hall, Sadhguru walked to the very end of the hall to bid farewall to the participants who were reluctant to see him go.

Few volunteers shared about their experience:

The first day when the participants came and we were standing there to greet them, they seemed so suspicious about who these people are, standing and doing namaskar. On last day when they were leaving, as they passed us, they all had tears in their eyes...

Having the opportunity to live and work with the Isha teachers and brahmacharies these last few months, all I can say is every breath of theirs is Inner Engineering."