Seventh Isha Vidhya School to open in Vanavasi

A big Thank You to all the supporters who have helped make Isha Vidhya a success so far!

With this June marking the start of the 5th year of the Isha Vidhya Project, we’re proud to announce the opening of a new Isha Vidhya School. The school will be located in Vanavasi, near Salem, and is fully sponsored by Ramaniyam Builders – a property development company based in Chennai. This be the 7th Isha Vidhya School, and is the second school fully funded by a corporate donor.

The current 6 Isha Vidhya Schools are serving close to 2000 students, 70% of whom are supported on scholarships. Many of these students are the first in their family to attend school, learn to read and write, and have hope for life beyond poverty. Noticeable changes are taking place in these students after just one year of attending Isha Vidhya. With this academic year drawing to a close on April 15, applications for the next academic year are already pouring in. In response to the high demand for enrollment, all of the Isha Vidhya Schools will be expanded next year to include classes from Lower Kindergarten to the 6th grade. Altogether, an estimated 3000 students will be enrolled for the upcoming academic year. We need your help to make this possible.


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Adopting a student’s education represents a way to profoundly touch the life of a child. Sponsors are matched with a specific child and receive regular updates including academic progress reports, letters from the student and photos. A donation of just $240 will cover tuition, notebooks, text books and nutritional health snacks for a student for a year. We strongly encourage sponsors to support their student throughout his or her education at Isha Vidhya, witnessing the growth and progress of the student over the years.

For those of you already sponsoring a student, now is the time to renew your donation for the upcoming academic year!

Please visit us online at to make a scholarship donation or renewal. For questions related to the scholarship program or Isha Vidhya in general, please write to us at