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Kshetragna Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Taking up Living Space at Isha Yoga Center on Licence Basis for Kshetragna

1. To be considered for a living space at the Isha Yoga Center, the applicant is required to make an advance payment of Rs. 3 lakh towards the license fee. An e-receipt will be emailed to you.

If your application gets accepted, you will be allowed to reside at the Isha Yoga Center until the last day of your life for the purpose of dedicating time for your sadhana and spiritual exploration.

2. Citizenship and Residence Requirement:

  • a. Indian citizens who are residents of India.

  • b. NRIs - citizens of India who live abroad.

  • c. OCI cardholder - citizens of foreign countries holding an OCI card.

  • d. Foreign citizens who do not have an OCI card are NOT ELIGIBLE at this time.

3. Age Requirement:
Above 18 years

4. The applicant must be a participant in the Kshetragna Program. To apply for Kshetragna, a lifelong program of sadhana, register here

5. You will be required to go through a selection process which will include an interview. The living space will be offered to you only if you are selected.

6. If your application is accepted, the advance payment will be adjusted towards the final applicable license fee for the living space.

7. If your application is rejected or you wish to cancel your application, the following cancellation policy will apply:

  • a. 5% of the advance will be deducted if you cancel before your application is accepted.

  • b. 15% of the advance will be deducted if you cancel after your application is accepted.

  • c. 100% of the advance will be refunded (without interest) if your application is rejected.

  • d. Cancellation requests via phone and messaging apps will not be accepted. Cancellation requests must be sent via email to info.kshetragna@ishafoundation.org.

  • e. Bank charges will be applicable to the refund amount.

  • f. While processing the refund, if the payment gateway timeframe has lapsed, the refund will be processed under the name of the person mentioned in the e-receipt.

8. Isha Foundation (“Isha”) is offering Kshetragna, a lifelong Yoga program which offers a possibility of spiritual growth for a participant through doing Yogic sadhana in the proximity of the Dhyanalinga Yogic Shrine and the Velliangiri Mountains, also known as Dakshin Kailash (i.e., The Kailash of the South India - Abode of Adiyogi).

9. Isha Foundation has set up Isha Yoga Center (IYC) at the foothills of Velliangiri mountains. Isha Yoga Center has various facilities including, but not limited to, the following:

a. Dhyanalinga Yogic Shrine

b. Suryakund / Chandrakund Consecrated Water Bodies

c. Adiyogi Alayam & Spanda Hall (Consecrated halls to do Yogic sadhana)

d. Other meditation halls and consecrated shrines

e. Dormitories, cottages and apartments for residence

f. Biksha Hall - centralized kitchen and dining hall

g. Office spaces, open spaces and facilities

10. Isha Foundation, is a volunteer-run public charitable trust set up for the purpose of promoting human physical, mental and spiritual well-being primarily through the teaching and practice of Yogic sadhana.

11. Kshetragna Program Details:

a. Kshetragna participants will receive guidance from trained Isha Yoga teachers/volunteers to pursue a life of sadhana that will lead to their spiritual and overall wellbeing.

b. By choosing to participate in Kshetragna, the participant needs to spend a minimum of one week every year at Isha Yoga Center.

c. Participant/s will be working towards the goal of attaining the state of self-realization by doing Yogic practices, living, volunteering and working in the consecrated space of Isha Yoga Center.

d. Participant/s follow the rules and guidelines applicable to all people residing in the space of Isha Yoga Center. These rules and guidelines, as modified from time to time, are set up for the sole purpose of helping the participant/s grow on the spiritual path.

e. Participant/s will get access to various consecrated spaces in the Isha Yoga Center to do their sadhana as per the schedule.

f. Sadhana includes, but is not limited to, hatha Yoga, Yogic kriyas, volunteering in kitchen, garden, offices, Yoga programs and practice of meditation techniques as guided.

g. While participants are encouraged to spend maximum time in Isha Yoga Center to benefit from the program, they have the option of spending their time outside to attend to their life’s needs.

12. Eligibility to apply for a living space:

a. All Kshetragna participants above the age of 18 are eligible to apply for a living space at the Isha Yoga Center on a licence basis.

b. Each application for living space will have a main applicant and possibly co-applicants who will have to be immediate family members. Maximum number of applicants for a living space will be as per Table-1 to clause 8(c) hereunder.

c. The main applicant who applies for a living space at Isha Yoga Center should be a participant in the Kshetragna program.

d. Spouse, parents and parents-in-law can be co-applicants.

e. Unmarried children below the age of 23 can stay with the main applicant. Once they get married or turn 23 whichever happens earlier, they will be treated as guests and duration and terms of stay will be as per the guest stay guidelines.

f. Each co-applicant should apply out of their willingness. If he/she so chooses, a co-applicant can also join Kshetragna.

g. Each person who applies undergoes a selection process including a personal interview to assess the person’s readiness and suitability. Only those persons who qualify are allowed to take up the living space.

h. Only citizens of India and foreigners holding OCI card can apply for a lifetime licence. Other foreign citizens are not eligible.

13. Application Details:

a. Each applicant must apply for the living space online, on the website https://isha.sadhguru.org/in/en/kshetragna, in the prescribed form.

b. Along with the application form, an interest free advance of Rs. 3,00,000/- (Rupees three lakhs only) per application is payable.

c. In case the application is not accepted, the advance is fully refunded back to the applicant.

d. In case the application is accepted, the advance is adjusted towards the first instalment of residence licence fee.

14. Fee for the Living Space:

a. Each selected applicant is given a date by which time the residence licence fees must be paid.

b. Residence licence Fee is payable as given in Table-1 depending on the type of living space chosen.

c. The residence licence fee is payable either as a lump sum or in 4 installments as follows:

i. 1st Installment - 25% within 3 months of acceptance

ii. 2nd installment - 25% within 9 months of acceptance

iii. 3rd installment - 25% within 18 months of acceptance

iv. 4th Installment - 25% within one month of intimation of proposed allotment to the applicant.

v. A 5% discount is applicable if the applicant pays in a lump sum.

d. Licence fees shall be paid in full, prior to the allotment.

e. In case of delay in payment, another applicant who has paid full amount will be given preference.

15. Living Space Details:

a. Applicant is given a licence which allows him/her to use one of the various levels of living spaces available in the Isha Yoga Center as per their choice for residential purposes only, without any transfer of interest in the living spaces.

b. Applicants are allowed to use the living space along with immediate family members (spouse, children, parents, parent-in-laws) approved by Isha. Each family member needs to go through an interview and approval process by Isha.

c. Additional co-applicants cannot be added at any later point of time.

d. Main applicant can request for removal of any of the co-applicants if needed at any point of time in the future.

e. Maximum number of registered family members who can live together in a particular type of living space is as specified in Table-1.

Table - 1

Category NameSri Kshetra 1Sri Kshetra 1Sri Kshetra 1Sri Kshetra 1Sri Kshetra 1Sri Kshetra 2Sri Kshetra 2Sri Kshetra 2
Type of Living SpaceStandard Studio without Balcony + KitchenetteStandard Studio with Balcony + KitchenetteStandard 1 Bedroom + Hall + KitchenetteStandard 1 Bedroom + Hall + Kitchenette with Larger BalconyStandard 2 Bedroom + Hall + KitchenettePremium Studio with Balcony + KitchenettePremium 1 Bedroom + Hall + KitchenettePremium 2 Bedroom + Hall + Kitchenette
Max No of People (Including the main applicant)33446346

f. Every co-applicant above the age of 15 needs to complete the Inner Engineering program before they can come and stay in the living space and those below 15 are encouraged to do Isha Yoga program for children.

g. Children - in case parents pass away and they have minor children then parents need to nominate a person to whom children will be handed over.

h. Residential living spaces are the property of Isha Foundation and will always continue to be owned by Isha Foundation, and remain in the possession of Isha Foundation. Applicants only have a right to use the living spaces on licence basis.

i. Isha reserves the right to use any cottages which are not being used by the applicants / co-applicants for temporary use by other visitors to the Isha Yoga Center. Applicant/co-applicants will always have priority in usage rights, provided they inform the IYC admin at least one week before their intended date of arrival. In case of any sudden arrival by the applicant/co-applicant, IYC admin will accommodate them in an alternate cottage until the cottage allocated to them becomes vacant. Applicants need to ensure that they put their belongings under lock and key before leaving the Yoga Center for a long duration.

j. One key of the living space will always be with the IYC admin. Isha administration reserves the right to open and enter the cottage for any emergency, maintenance and safety purposes without prior intimation.

k. All living spaces will be maintained by the IYC admin. Applicants can register any maintenance issues with the IYC admin during office hours or on their helpline at other times (or off-duty hours).

l. Applicants shall not be permitted to make any structural alterations to their place of residence.

m. In case the applicants choose an unfurnished/semi-furnished unit, they can choose to furnish their living space as per their needs.

n. After the death of the last surviving adult applicant, any other surviving heirs will have no right to live in that living space.

o. Isha will re-allot the living space to some other new applicant after the death of the last surviving applicant.

p. If at any time, applicants and co-applicants are unable to take care of their personal needs due to old age/ill health they will be moved to another facility where their needs can be taken care of by care-givers and the cottage given to them will be re-allotted to other applicants.

q. In case Isha deems it necessary to move the applicant to a different living space at any time for any reason related to health or safety of the residents or for any other reason, it will do so.

r. Living space is being given to the applicant/s purely for residential purpose, on licence basis, while participating in the Kshetragna program.

s. This licence does not amount to sale or transfer of property or transfer of any interest in the property being given to the applicant. The applicant is granted only a permission to stay according to the terms and conditions laid down here, and on such terms that IYC may amend from time to time.

t. An additional annual maintenance fee, as decided from time to time, will also be payable for the living space.

u. Electricity charges shall be payable separately as per usage by the applicant.

16. Guest Policy:

a. This living space is provided primarily for use by the applicant and co-applicants.

b. Guests, if any, will only be allowed on chargeable basis as per the prevailing guest policy issued by Isha Yoga Center from time to time which will depend on the festival season and overall capacity of the Isha Yoga Center.

17. Personal Caregivers:

a. In case any applicant / co-applicant needs a personal caregiver due to old age / health reasons, all expenses will have to be borne by the applicant as per caregiver policy and caregiver will need pre-approval by IYC admin.

18. Pets:

a. Animal and bird pets are not allowed inside IYC.

19. Food:

a. Normally, all applicants must partake of meals in the common dining hall in the respective building as a proper diet at regular times, is a very important component of sadhana.

b. Charges for food are payable separately, as decided from time to time.

20. Medical Facilities:

a. Basic allopathic medical care is available in the clinic at the IYC.

b. Ayurvedic and Siddha medical care is also available at Isha Life Solutions in Isha Yoga Center.

c. Charges, as may be applicable for use of medical facilities, will be payable by applicants on per use basis.

d. If any applicant/co-applicant have chronic diseases or are disabled/partially-abled/very old or need advanced/specialized medical care, it can be availed on chargeable basis in hospitals in Coimbatore city through applicant’s own efforts and arrangements.

21. Duration of the Licence:

Duration of the licence is for the entire life of the applicant/s. It will last till the last moment of the last surviving applicant/co-applicant.

22. On Death of Applicant/Co-Applicant:

Isha will try to contact the emergency contacts listed in the form and inform them about the eventuality. In case the emergency contacts are not reachable and if the situation warrants, the applicant/co-applicant authorizes the management of Isha Yoga Center to arrange the last rites based on the feasibility.

23. General Prohibitions:

a. Applicant/s cannot use the space to carry out any commercial/gambling activity. They may, however, use this space to work from home. Actively soliciting and promoting one’s professional activity towards monetary gain amongst members of the IYC community is not permitted.

b. Keeping a television, projector or any other gadget of similar nature and using it is not permitted. Applicants may keep a music system but playing of loud music that disturbs neighbors is prohibited.

c. Gas stoves and gas cylinders are not allowed.

d. No applicant can rent out/lease his living space to anyone else for any purpose with or without consideration.

e. No religious celebrations/festivities/parties should be hosted by applicants in the IYC.

f. Consumption/possession of non-vegetarian food/alcoholic beverages/tobacco/psychedelic drugs or any other substance/product of similar nature, in IYC premises in any form is strictly prohibited. Any contravention can be grounds for cancellation of their licence and eviction.

24. Termination

a. Expulsion:

i. Violating the rules of the Isha Yoga Center may lead to expulsion from the IYC and termination of the licence.

ii. Creating nuisance for other residents of the Isha Yoga Center may lead to expulsion and termination of the licence.

b. Cancellation:

i. Mental instability/unsoundness/lunacy shall lead to cancellation of the licence and such an applicant will not be allowed to stay at the Isha Yoga Center and will be advised to seek treatment from a suitable medical facility.

ii. If a participant does not fulfil the minimum requirements of Kshetragna, he may be asked to discontinue his participation in the program and subsequently he will not have the right to stay at Isha Yoga Center thus leading to cancellation of the licence.

iii. Isha reserves the right to terminate the licence of the applicant and also ask them to vacate the living space provided to them, at their sole discretion, at any time, without assigning any reason.

c. Voluntary Withdrawal:

i. An Applicant may choose to voluntarily withdraw from the licence at any point by making a written application stating his reasons for wanting to withdraw.

ii. A due process will be followed to address the applicant’s concerns through conversations and counselling.

iii. Even after that if the applicant still chooses to withdraw, he may do so at his own choice and he will have to sign a declaration to that effect.

25. Redressal

a. Any request/ grievance of the participant/s may be addressed to the Program Coordinator, who will decide/provide redressal/solution at his sole discretion, without assigning any reason for such decision/redressal/solution, under the circumstances, on a case-to-case basis.

b. Such exercise of discretion by the Program Coordinator cannot be questioned or quoted in any other case as precedent. Such decision/redressal/solution is only applicable to that particular case.

26. Disputes’ Resolution:

a. Any dispute that a participant may have, pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, that the Program Coordinator is not able to counsel through a conversation, will be referred to IYC admin, who will assign a counsellor to help to resolve the dispute.

b. Any and all controversy(ies/disputes) / difference(s)/claim(s)/claim(s) in tort, arising out of or in connection with or in relation to these Terms and Conditions, including its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration of a sole Arbitrator nominated by the Council for National and International Commercial Arbitration (CNICA), having its registered office at Unit No. 412, Raheja Towers, No:113-134, Anna Salai, Chennai 600002 as per CNICA Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Rules and conducted under online platform www.cnica-odr.com. The arbitration must follow the ODR process and CNICA-ODR Rules shall prevail. All matters in the arbitration shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

c. The place of arbitration shall be Chennai and the language to be used in the arbitration proceedings shall be English. The award of the arbitration proceedings will be final and binding on both parties in the agreement.

d. In the event of the Arbitration failing and/or aggrieved by such Arbitral Award, then either party shall be free to take legal action against the other party in the manner as provided under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, in which case the parties hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Chennai. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of India.


a. Neither Party will be liable for any default or delay in the performance of its obligations (other than payment obligations) under these Terms and Conditions, if such default or delay is caused, directly or indirectly, by a Force Majeure Event. A Party whose performance is prevented, restricted, or interfered with by reason of a Force Majeure Event condition shall be excused from such performance to the extent of such Force Majeure Event condition so long as such party puts the other party to notice describing the Force Majeure Event and takes all reasonable steps to avoid or remove such causes of non-performance and immediately continues performance whenever and to the extent such causes are removed. For the purpose of this Terms and Conditions, “Force Majeure Event” means and includes (i) any act of God including but not be limited to fire, flood, earthquake, explosion and any other natural calamity or casualty; (ii) a lockout, strike, labour disputes, epidemic, pandemic, accident, breakdown of equipment, technical failure, malfunction of equipment or transmission difficulties, (iii) any emergency or any restraining act of Parliament or of any other legally constituted public authority, a riot, public unrest, civil disturbance, embargo, or any cause or event arising out of or attributable to war, or act of terrorism; (iv) any other cause or event which cannot be foreseen by persons of ordinary prudence, or are otherwise outside the control of the Parties.

b. In case of such unforeseen circumstances render living in Isha Yoga Center practically impossible or if the accommodation given to the Applicant gets destroyed or becomes unlivable due to any of these reasons, Applicant/s will not hold Isha Foundation legally liable to provide a place to stay for him/her/them and should make his/her/their own arrangements.

28. Refunds:

a. Advance:

i. In case an applicant withdraws their application before the interview process by Isha, the applicant can get a refund of 95% of the advance amount.

ii. In case an applicant’s application is rejected by Isha, the applicant will get a full refund of the advance within 30 days of rejection. We will issue the refund to an Indian Bank Account of the participant or issue a cheque in INR.

iii. In case an applicant’s application is accepted by Isha, but the applicant chooses not to take up the living space, he can get a refund of 85% of the advance amount.

b. Residence licence fee:

i. In case an applicant chooses to withdraw his application after payment of some instalment/s but before he has paid the full residence licence fee, he will be given a refund of 85% of the amount paid till then.

ii. In case an applicant chooses to withdraw his application after payment of full residence licence fee but before occupying the living space, he will be given an 85% refund of the amount paid.

iii. No refund of any kind will be admissible to the applicant in case of unforeseen circumstances as described in Force Majeure clause above.

iv. Refund will be admissible to the other co-applicants after the death of the main applicant.

v. In cases of cancellation/ withdrawal/ expulsion after joining, refund will be admissible as per following table:

Period from date of full paymentRefund Amount (as percentage of fee paid)
Up to 3 years60%
3 to 6 years45%
6 to 9 years30%
9 to 12 years15%
Beyond 12 years10%

vi. Any refund under this terms will be interest free, i.e. no interest will be paid on such refund under any circumstances.

29. Eviction:

a. In case of termination of the licence for any reason, the applicant, co-applicants and any non-participating family members must leave the premises of the Isha Yoga Center along with their belongings within 7 days. In cases of extreme indiscipline and deliberate breach of sanctity of the Isha Yoga Center, applicants may be evicted immediately.

b. Any applicant whose licence has been terminated in any way and who has not left the premises will be evicted.

30. Modifications & Exceptions:

a. Isha reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions from time to time in general or in specific cases as required.

b. Applicant/s will be informed by way of publishing the revised T&C in the appropriate portal as and when they happen.


Any communication or notice under these Terms and Conditions by Isha will be served through email or by Speed Post to Applicant’s registered email / postal address. Similarly, Applicants may also serve it to Isha Foundation’s email / postal address given here. Email: kshetragna@ishafoundation.org, Postal Address: Kshetragna Office, Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, Ishana Vihar Post, Coimbatore - 641114.