Vijaya Arpanam

As part of the process, you receive a consecrated, precious metal coin in your choice of gold ($3,000), silver ($625) or copper ($555) bearing the image of Adiyogi. The coin serves as a reminder of your offering and a connection with the Abode.Once you receive it, you should keep the Adiyogi coin with you in your pocket, wallet, or a pouch. (The coin can be kept aside when showering, sleeping etc.)

Vijaya Arpanam from Afars

On both full moon and new moon days, we are performing the Vijaya Arpanam process on behalf of those who are unable to visit the Abode in person. Once the process is complete, you will receive your coin and a prasadam package by mail. (The shipping fee is $50 in North America. This fee includes basic insurance for the value of the coin itself. Shipping to further destinations may incur additional charges depending on distance and coin type). Vijaya Arpanam process from afar begins in the early morning and finishes in the afternoon. Registration must be booked at least a day in advance.

Bookings and other queries

Abode processes and classes are available by appointment only. Registration for all processes is required a minimum of a day in advance.

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