Klesha Nashana Kriya

Periodic cleansing of the energy body wards off negativity and provides one with a protective aura supporting physical health and mental wellbeing. Klesha Nashana Kriya includes a powerful process with neem leaves, which are a great cleanser and energizer of the system.

The process is completed by running an arathi (fire bath) along certain tracks in the aura to remove impurities. Each Klesha Nashana Kriya takes about 50 minutes. This process is available to those of all ages. Aura cleansing leaves one rejuvenated by creating mental balance and improving physical health, helping the body ‘breathe’ better, and removing negative influences.


The fee for Klesha Nashana Kriya is $111.

Bookings and other queries

Abode processes and classes are available by appointment only. Registration for all processes is required a minimum of a day in advance.

For Bookings call:931-668-1900   email: info@ishausa.org

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