With 1871 participants from 39 countries and a phenomenal 515 volunteers that had flown in from 12 different countries, the Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru in Malaysia, was a truly global event.

The highly anticipated first Inner Engineering with Sadhguru in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia happened with great enthusiasm a few weeks back. With 1871 participants from 39 countries and a phenomenal 515 volunteers that had flown in from 12 different countries, this program was a truly global event.

When Sadhguru arrived at the venue hall, the participants cheered and applauded vigorously, given the gestation period of six whole years that it has taken for this program to happen. Sadhguru gave an overview about Inner Engineering, with the participants nodding in agreement to offer themselves fully over the upcoming two days.


The volunteers worked relentlessly yet joyfully for days in advance to ensure every single detail was handled to perfection, so that the attending participants could feel comfortable and give themselves fully.

At the end of day one, on receiving an offering from Sadhguru in the form of a jasmine flower, the participants held onto the flowers like a precious gift. Filled with happiness and hope, they scurried away enthusiastically at the end to recharge for another intense day. Their hopeful smiles gave away clues to the transformative states that lay ahead of them.


The eagerness and energy in the atmosphere at the end of the first day was palpable. What this dynamic melting pot of grace and spirituality would bring the next day was yet to be seen, but for all involved, it was certainly something worth looking forward to.

On day two the participants arose with the sun, eager to continue the program. The process of receiving the initiation into Shambhavi Mahamudra had begun since morning. With great willingness from the crowd, everyone delved into the process of experience life in a more profound way.

After lunch, Sadhguru led a Q&A, answering questions about life and relationships, and how practicing Shambavi would help one to manage these. In the end, the message was crystal clear – each and everyone has the opportunity to create miracles in this lifetime, and each one has a responsibility towards creating these possibilities for themselves.


As Sadhguru said goodbye, participants lingered on, savoring the traces of his presence as he made his way out. Participants were left thirsty, partly from a highly intense day, but mostly for knowledge as they headed towards the stalls to find out more about programs, books and how they can volunteer.

And as for the volunteers, they spent the rest of the night winding down the event, and sharing their experiences. Whilst the participants experienced their own transformations, the volunteers expressed that they were the lucky ones who benefited greatly from this experience. While some gained new skillsets, others rekindled their fires and got to know other volunteers. As they wound the hall up throughout the rest of the night, they danced wildly to the beats of their hearts and the drums of Sounds of Isha, expelling any signs of fatigue.

The Inner Engineering event in Kuala Lumpur was an epitome of meticulous event organization and a great example to show that when people with a common purpose come together, they can make miracles happen!

"That was mind blowing. I can feel every bit of my body energized and joyful."


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- Charu, Participant

“I am lucky to be here, I have been traveling South East Asia and have been following Sadhguru on Youtube. When I found out he was going to be in Malaysia, I had to come.”

- Emiliano, Italy, Participant

“Being in Sadguru's presence felt like a blessing. The entire experience I would say was electric – I could actually feel good energies all around. Loved the AUM chanting, his talks and of course the Shambhavi practice initiated by him."

- Sonia, Participant

"I was wowed by the whole experience. It's amazing how I still had energy after the whole day. Not sure if it's because I'm doing hatha yoga but the experience was very pleasant and surprising at the same time."

- Sahana, Participant

“Each time I volunteer, I gain much deeper insights both into myself and into the teachings of Sadhguru. It’s very humbling.”

- Nina, Volunteer, Singapore

“I was introduced to Sadhguru by my friend. I could not believe the transformation within her, I had to see it for myself. This weekend was such an amazing experience, I am committed to continue my journey. Thank you for showing me the way.”

- Patricia, Participant

“I came from Abu Dhabi to KL just for this weekend to experience the programme in the presence of the Master. It was definitely indescribable and exceeded my expectations. Next stop, Sacred walks in Kailash with Sadhguru.”

- Alex Petrou, Greece, Participant

“I’m so happy to be here with Sadhguru! I missed the opportunity in Australia when he was there - and finally I get this chance to be in his presence. Flying in from Melbourne just for this weekend is definitely worth it.”

- Charlie, Melbourne, Participant