A human being deserves to live in a consecrated space. A human being should live in a space which is charged with a certain energy which will naturally push him upward. Not something that traps him into the ways of life, but something that constantly helps him to transcend. It's very important that you create the right kind of space around you, so that you live well

Sadhguru has always emphasized on how important it is for human beings to live in consecrated spaces and the transformation it brings in people’s lives and in the way they function. In his endeavor to create such spaces, he has designed Bhairavi yantras and gudis which are powerful forms of Devi that one can take home and with minimal maintenance they can reap the benefits of living in consecrated space and constantly feel her presence. Now he has introduced Bhairavi Punya Pooja. This is a specially structured powerful pooja by Sadhguru for house warming ceremony, the Grihapravesam which is a very minor form of consecrating the space and a process that makes the space alive. Although structured for new homes, this pooja is now open for old homes, office spaces and any kind of structured buildings. For people who are unable to take home Bhairavi yantras, this pooja is a blessing.

The pooja involves a certain yagna with chants that invoke her presence and grace, an elaborate abishekam for the Devi, fixing various consecrated Bhairavi forms at specific spots of the house and attaching a Maangalya bala sutra to the house. This is a sutra that strengthens (bala) all that is auspicious (mangalam), which we offer at the Linga Bhairavi, seeking her grace for wellbeing. This sutra is consecrated in a certain way and fixed to your house along with a small form of Devi. A certain process is done with neem for cleansing and energizing along with other organic and traditional materials. A very vibrant form of worship followed by chants enable all that are present to connect and relate to Devi and become more receptive to her grace.

So far wherever this pooja has happened, I experienced the entire process as very powerful and vibrant. The space is so charged; nobody can miss it. I could see grace function in an entirely different way and I saw how it waits upon you to just open up. The moment I light the Bhairavi lamp, her presence is immediate. Her fierceness, intensity and the energy that the pooja brings forth, I am able to see in just two hours people getting connected to her, there is a sense of devotion getting invoked within them. Her presence is so strong and palpable that you can feel it. Their experience of the home after many days of pooja is still “I feel like I am in a temple sanctum, embracing and protective.”


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Sadhguru says there is a certain science behind these age-old rituals, people these days don’t know the science and the modern world that we are in, we always seek explanations and the benefits before we accept anything. I feel I don’t need any explanation for such process because I can experientially feel and see it, and I don’t believe that words can justify both the human experience nor the powerful presence that manifests there. Besides I always identified that these rituals are Hindu religion oriented and that it’s something performed only by men, so I had some resistance within. But, like in our Linga Bhairavi, this pooja also is done entirely by the women and is open for all beyond caste, creed, religion, race or nationality. In few homes I saw people from other religions participating in the pooja, they sat for the entire duration of the pooja, their only sharing was “never experienced a pooja so powerful and beautiful”. Unexplainable tears and spilling of devotion is an experience that moves me in almost all homes.

An activity that I hesitated to perform, has now become an enriching experience and a fantastic tool for my growth; I see myself doing the same activity in absolute reverence, with neither like nor dislike attached to it. In every house her ambience was unique, I felt I was doing it for first time in all places. End of it, I experienced that house as Devi’s house, not of that family or an individual. Leaving her and walking out of her house is not soothing, but as she has to reach out to many, I carry on with the privilege that Sadhguru has bestowed upon me.

Devi walking into your homes in any form is a blessing forever for one’s family and the entire generations to come in future, I hope everybody makes use of these tools that Sadhguru has given for the wellbeing of their lives.

- Isha Resident

Editor's Note: To schedule a Punya Pooja, please email poojas@lingabhairavi.org. For those who wish to volunteer for the training, please email info@lingabhairavi.org or call +919443365631.