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Bhuta Shuddhi Vivaha

Bhuta Shuddhi Vivaha


This is a special opportunity to be married in the presence of Adi Yogi. Along with those who wish to be married, this is a process is also available for those who are previously married.

“There is certain beauty in two lives trying to merge into one. To think beyond yourself, to feel beyond yourself, to accommodate another is also a stepping stone for the ultimate union. Vivaha is a certain form of consecration for marriages. This is a very ancient form, its origin is in the yogic system, where the fundamental process is Bhuta Shuddhi, which means having knowledge and mastery over the magic of the five elements. The whole system of yoga is focused on this. In this Bhuta Shuddhi we want them to achieve a union beyond thought, companionship, emotion, body, on an elemental level.” – Sadhguru