Bharati Kapadia with participants at Isha Home School

Bharati Kapadia is a well-established, Mumbai-based contemporary artist. In her own words, “The surface space of my work, be it paper, canvas, wood or any other, is for me synonymous with the inner space of my being, the core of myself.” Through her art, she primarily seeks to invoke the emotional depths of the viewers, which would allow them to receive and respond to the play of multiple resonances in her work.

She has exhibited widely, her STAGING THE SETS series was shown in 2008 in Mumbai, Vienna and Munich. She was invited by the Transcultural Exchange, Boston to participate in their 2002 and 2004 international art initiatives, THE COASTER PROJECT and THE TILE PROJECT, and was awarded the Apex Art residency, New York, in 2001. She has initiated and created art-related projects and presented slide lectures at art institutions and museums in India and abroad. Her work is housed in several collections in India, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA.

Art work from the workshop


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Bharati Kapadia conducted a five-day workshop from 27th July to 2nd August 2011 for senior students at Isha Home School. This series of workshops focused on providing the students with a brief insight into the inner workings of abstract artists. Furthermore, the aim of the seminar was to inspire students to utilize art as a medium for expression. After considering works from various contemporary Indian artists, the students worked with a variety of materials to transform even ordinary household objects into works of art, challenging and transforming their own ideas of what art is in the process.

Sharing from senior students

“The workshop had given me the freedom to explore and make use of my talent.”

– Kavya S.

“The workshop has enriched me in many ways. I have started looking at paintings and trying to decipher what they mean and what emotions the artists want to get across. I learned that if my hands do more work than the brain, there is a kind of freshness and spontaneous feeling in the piece. It can also mean something even though it is not consciously made.”

- Nihaarika

“When the workshop started I wasn’t that excited and didn’t know what to do. However, as the days progressed I became really engaged with it. I am really grateful to Bharati Akka for introducing her art and new elements into my art work… I came to know that art can be anything, it is not about drawing something exactly.”

– Sachin C.