Adiyogi Alayam

The Adiyogi Alayam is specially consecrated to allow one to experience Hata Yoga and other yogic practices in their full depth and dimension. – Sadhguru

Adiyogi Alayam has been specially consecrated and structured by Sadhguru to revive the science of classical yoga in all its glory and purity. At the core of the Alayam is the Adiyogi, a linga made of solidified mercury. The energy of this consecrated form fuels ones inner exploration of the yogic sciences.

The vibrant space of the Adiyogi Alayam supports the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program, a 21 week intensive program held annually in which participants from around the world are trained to teach classical Hatha Yoga. In addition, the Alayam provides a venue for introductory to advanced courses including Samyama, an 8-day silence program which enables participants to reach heightened levels of consciousness and experience explosive states of meditativeness.


  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
  • Samyama Program