Design Facilitation

Designers can help make the weavers’ artwork attractive to the contemporary consumer and cater to a global audience.

When it comes to textile, there is an urgent need to shift from disposable to sustainable. Designers have an important responsibility and a key role to play in reversing the damage that fast fashion has inflicted on the environment. By creating future-oriented sustainable designs that can transform consumption patterns, designers can also help empower rural populations in countries like India that excel at natural fibre textiles.

The Save The Weave Initiative provides a platform for over 140 weaving traditions of India which are in dire need of design innovation for their survival.

The traditional methods adopted by generations of weavers are naturally organic and eco-friendly – making this initiative a win-win for the weaver as well as the ecology.

Save The Weave will facilitate Design Institutions and Individual Designers to choose and associate with specific weaving clusters where design interventions can happen.

The idea is to highlight the craftsmanship of Indian textiles that are relevant to national and international urban markets. This will not only financially uplift weaving communities but also bring back dignity of livelihood to rural artisans and reverse rural-to-urban migration.

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