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Chedi Butta

Chedi Butta saris are woven by the skilled weavers of the Veeravanallur village in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.

True to its name (“chedi” means “plant” in Tamil and “butta” means “motif”), this sari has the iconic “plant and flower” motif woven on the border and pallu (edge of the sari), and small buttas punctuated beautifully all over the sari.

They are woven using fine silk and superior cotton yarns making it easily wearable and convenient to maintain. They make for an easy choice as they are lightweight and breezy.

Very few weavers are involved in weaving this sari today. Most of the weavers work for a master craftsman. In comparison to the amount of the time and energy they invest in making one sari, the returns are barely sufficient to run their household.

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