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Vijaya Arpanam


Vijaya Arpanam


Prosperity and wellbeing pave the way for a seeker to pursue deeper dimensions of life. Vijaya Arpanam supports new endeavors, existing businesses, and careers. This process is very supportive for those who are working or studying towards a career.

Vijaya Arpanam involves an elaborate offering of the five elements to the Abode. As part of the process, you receive a consecrated, precious metal coin in your choice of gold, silver, or copper bearing the image of Adiyogi. The coin serves as a connection with the Abode and to the process.

Once you receive it, you should keep the Adiyogi coin with you in your pocket, wallet, or a pouch at the waist. Consecrated coins can be shared only among spouses who own a business together.


The Vijaya Aparnam process really blew me away - I knew very little about it and to be honest it wasn't something I ever thought of doing. A friend suggested it at a time when I had a lot of questions and I thought it couldn't hurt. In fact, going into the process there were so many questions in my mind that I wasn't even sure what I was "asking" for. But the beauty of the process was that it has its own intelligence far beyond what I could ever comprehend. The very next day after the process the most tangible thing that I had been waiting over 2 years for and very much longing for came. But now after a few weeks, I realize how much further this process took me then what I ever could have imagined - I began gaining so much clarity about myself and being so much more honest with myself than probably I ever have before. I started to realize that what I thought I always wanted may not actually be the best or most suitable path for me. There is still a lot that I am processing but I am much more open to finding what is the best fit for me then just going after what I thought I wanted.

- Michelle Williams
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