Isha Home School celebrated the amazing contribution of the volunteer teachers by allowing students to show their appreciation on Teacher’s Day. The day started early in the morning with a run round the race track at five thirty, supervised by the students. Not all the teachers were able to participate, some including the games teacher had a letter from the doctor to say that they were not well enough to run!

This was then followed by a morning assembly called Koffee with Khandhaswami. This was a spoof of a chat show and involved one of the senior students interviewing other students. Following on from the assembly the senior students allowed the teachers from all three schools to meet interact and share their thoughts of what had gone well through the year and what could be improved. This was only possible because of the support from the senior students who had used their own initiative in organizing themselves into teams to manage both middle and junior schools.


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The afternoon session for the teachers had been organized by the senior students and involved teachers attending various classes facilitated by the students. For example some non Tamil speaking teachers were allocated Tamil classes. The challenging afternoon session was then followed by a fun evening for all the teachers and students which included an wonderful meal which the senior students had ordered and included cake and custard.

The finale of the evening was the Academic Awards Gala organized again by the senior students. This event was presented by Prawin, Annapurna and Gowtum (alias George Bush) and involved nominating Teachers for various categories including: Gentle Giant award, Bruce Lee look alike award and Silent Killer award.

Sharings from students

12th Grade

“We’re thinking about the people who walked into our lives and made them better…O.K we admit it! Life without you would be pretty boring. The little things you do mean a lot to us. We’ve learnt that it is not about what you have in your life, its about who you have in your life. Sometimes you are an angel, sometimes you are the devil, but you are fun, happy, caring and beautiful inside and that’s why we like you for who you are.”

11th Grade

“Our day is accustomed to hearing your words, yet at the end of it we are left with enrichment of our personalities-so beautiful and meaningful. We procure our depth of thoughts from each of the moments that you have touched and influenced us. What you’ve shared with us makes us look forward to what life has in hold for us. It leaves us with deeply etched memories.”

10th Grade

“A teacher is like a candle that burns itself to illuminate the path to success. A teacher inspires you creating unforgettable memories. Taught us to turn hatred into love helped us cross many hurdles. At the end of the day, you are always there for us. A teacher is like a friend, a mentor, who helps us lead our life in a better way, in a way, that we live to our fullest, to our maximum potential, they make us realize what we are good at.”

Sharings from staff

“I think whatever the students have done today is nothing short of amazing. They deserve a big hand. Not only did they manage the whole school with much less fuss and demands than we have ever done, but they also put up a great show for all of us. I think I speak for all us here when I say that we haven't had so much fun in years! Not to mention the students who were courageous enough to hold classes for us - some of them were truly incredible and we really hope they would one day consider coming back here as teachers. The sense of responsibility, the creativity and the love that all students have demonstrated today is the biggest reward any teacher could ever hope for. We are so grateful to be a part of this vision. We can now very confidently say that our students will surely make a difference in the world. Thank you again.”

- Home School teacher