"It has been 1 ½ years since Isha Malaysia had its last Inner Engineering program; that was way back in April 2011, which also turned out to be my first point of contact and program with Isha. What happened there on, the inner transformation within and the benefits that took place on the physical aspects of my life, is indeed way beyond expression.

Today, standing here as a volunteer, playing a small role in creating the Inner Engineering atmosphere the way it should be, is indeed an overwhelming experience for me. A simple gesture of standing at the entrance, greeting and welcoming the participants to the hall can be very rapturous, what more to see them getting into meditative states that most never imagined possible. The very same process that I went through 1 ½ years ago, is now made possible to many more seekers.

To be part of this amazing opportunity to volunteer for this long awaited seven-day Inner Engineering program is so special for me, to see these 120 eager participants slowly blossom from day 1 to the end of the program is simply a joy. People from different age groups, race, lifestyles, beliefs, backgrounds and expectations all coming together at the end of the 7 days – all happening in front of my eyes.

I feel blessed to witness this profound change happening with these participants - from their demeanor and the way they speak, to this eagerness to come in each day for class, the glow in their eyes and this look of wonderment in some, growing and growing each day.

To be given this opportunity to serve and to be a small part of helping to help create a conducive atmosphere for this amazing life changing offering by Sadhguru to these participants, seeking something more in life, is just so deeply fulfilling for me. I am truly grateful."

- Isha Volunteer, Malaysia.


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