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i'm studying in class10. my parents expect me to concentrate on studies which even i want but my actual craving is for sports. what can i do about it?i don't know what to do which school to join OR just leave sports and do engineering
My Sadhguru How to know the mind.
Namaskaram sadhguru, As a teacher what Should be my duty according to you?
Sometimes after all it feels why I m on this earth what purpose do I serve . What's my ultimate goal in life . Why am I living this life . What's the true meaning of life. Some say be humble be good sometimes it feels to be worst. True mean
How can one remain uninfluenced by people around him
You said that mind can be trained to do anything Is it possible to generate artificial interest at something in which you don't have natural interest (i.e u are not engrossed). How to train the mind to have undivided attention on something

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