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Remote Volunteering

Skill-based activities to support the exciting projects at Isha are open to qualified individuals from any location.

“Always see what best you can do for everyone around you. It is this sense of offering that will make you shine.”


Remote volunteering is an opportunity for those who are willing to offer their professional skills, talents and resources for a specific number of hours per week. It is a volunteering option for those who wish to volunteer from home.

Flexible Duration


Isha is growing rapidly and taking on an exciting array of projects. For volunteers, this means an unprecedented variety of opportunities to offer themselves within their field of expertise or specific interest.

These include areas such as social media, IT, graphic design, video editing, translation, proofreading, and transcribing, among others. We are looking for willing, qualified individuals to support from their homes.


Having moderate computer skills and familiarity with office-utility softwares like MS Word and MS Excel would be helpful. In many cases, a laptop or a PC may be necessary to volunteer remotely depending on the nature of the activity.


Based on your availability, you may choose the duration. However, if you are able to commit to support for 6 months or more, for a specific number of hours each week, it would be particularly helpful and gives you a chance to be associated with projects in a more meaningful and engaging way.

How to Apply for Remote Volunteering?

Receive a call within 3 days of application

Receive a response within 7 days

“When I started creating video subtitles, my coordinator said I’d taken a big load off his shoulders, as there was no one to do this activity before. I was really touched.”

- Keerthan, Freelancer, Global Language Publications

Frequently Asked Questions

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