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The ultimate tool for self exploration

Over 5 Million Downloads
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Sadhguru Exclusive

A treasure trove of rare and exciting videos from Sadhguru, released for the very first time.

Inner Engineering Online

Transform yourself with Inner Engineering Online at your own place at your own pace.

Guided Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya Mandala

Get reminders, track your progress, and deepen your practice using this guided tool.

Free Guided Meditations

Simple yet powerful meditations to bring balance and clarity.

Free 5 Minute Yoga Tools

Designed by Sadhguru, these 5-min Yoga tools are oriented towards physical and psychological benefits. Try them today!

Daily Wisdom

Find answers to all your burning questions from Sadhguru rich and vast collection of blogs

Soulful music - Sounds of Isha

Enjoy 200+ soulful stirring music and chants by Sounds of Isha

Isha Images as Wallpapers

Favourite Isha images now available as wallpapers for your mobile. Check them out!

Isha Yoga Program Search

Discover Isha yoga programs happening near you through Program Finder

Available in 8 different languages

(English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada,
Malayalam, Marathi and Gujarati)

What users are saying ...

Andrew Smith


11 July 2020

I have been using this app everyday since I got it and following the meditation in it and it has brought a greater sense calm and peace to my day. I highly recommend it.

Mittal Purani


9 July 2020

This is a wonderful app. Simple and easy to operate. Most important is content. I am using this app for my daily meditation and enjoying the experience of being connected with Sadguru.

Dheepak S


10 July 2020

The perfect app to be in touch with Sadhguru through his quotes, meditations and other things.. Just brilliant with the way presence chant works!!

Dhireen Mendon


19 July 2020

In the Inner Engineering Treasure Trove Section, I would appreciate if there was a setting to include all videos of a particular class in one playlist.

saroj kumar dash


9 July 2020

It's amazing app to get clarity in your vision to see the world in your own way. It removes darkness and lead your life a very organized manner.

Start your self transformation journey with Sadhguru App

Over 5 Million Downloads


Download the App