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  • Sadhguru Exclusive

What is Bhairavi Utsav?

Linga Bhairavi, an exuberant expression of the Divine Feminine, is coming to Nepal!

Bhairavi Utsav is a celebration of this momentous occasion. An immersive cultural extravaganza of dance, music and devotion, the program is an opportunity to experience and be enveloped in Linga Bhairavi’s intense energies and grace.

Live translation will be available in Nepali.

Program Highlights

A special satsang with Sadhguru as he explores different aspects of Devi

Become available to Devi’s grace through a powerful guided meditation by Sadhguru

Devotional Devi chants with Sounds of Isha and an offering of dance by Project Samskriti

*Registration Closed

Who can attend?

  • Anyone over 8 years of age can attend.

  • It is not compulsory to have attended an Isha Yoga program.

Seating Categories

* All participants will receive consecrated Devi offerings, a Devi Abhaya Sutra and a special photo of Devi.

* All proceeds will be used towards the spiritual infrastructure being built at Linga Bhairavi, Nepal.

*Registration Closed

Participant Experiences from previous events

It's very enchanting. I am just running out of words to describe.

- Shanmita, Chennai

How to Reach the Venue

Tudikhel, Kantipath

Frequently Asked Questions

*Registration Closed

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