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  • Sadhguru Exclusive

Events with Sadhguru

at Isha Institute of Inner-sciences

May - July 2023

Immerse yourself in the presence and grace of Sadhguru through Darshans and the In the Lap of the Master program, coming up this May - July 2023. 

These events offer an immense privilege to be in the Grace of the Guru and soak in the environs of a consecrated space. For every seeker, a moment of receptivity and complete willingness in the presence of an enlightened being has the potential to open new doors to deeper dimensions of perception and experience within.

The event offers an uncharted time with Sadhguru where he candidly unfolds his knowing and wisdom, subject to who is sitting in front of him. 

Before and after attending the events, we also welcome you to spend time at the Isha Institute, a deeply consecrated space and a destination for the science of Yoga in its full depth and dimension. Here, you can take the opportunity to deepen and intensify your sadhana (spiritual practices) while Sadhguru is on the premises.

“A consecrated space is a cared-for, cultured space. This is where human beings should be if they want to blossom.” - Sadhguru


MAY 4 Buddha Purnima Darshan - Catch A Glimpse Into the Event

JUNE 10 Darshan

JULY 3 Guru Purnima Darshan 

 Open to all, ages 8+.  Anyone below the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


JULY 2-3

Open to all, ages 15+

Registration open.

Darshan with Sadhguru - June 10th, 2023

Sadhguru: “Darshan is not about listening to some great talk. But how to make you behold? Either I must sing or I must speak. Because I am not good at singing, I speak. Right from the moment you first sit with me, I have been saying, “Just be with me.” That means being in Darshan. This is not a complex philosophy that you have to understand. Simply behold so that the energy imprints itself, because I don’t come and sit here as a person. I have arranged myself in such a way that there is a certain level of vibrance that is worth getting an imprint of.

If darshan has to happen, you have to take the maximum input into you. If you are so meditative that you are absolutely not there – you are an empty house, that is a great way to behold. But if you are in a house-full state, then it is best that you behold with utmost love and tenderness because this is when the imprint of what you see is deepest.”

Read More - Sadhguru on Darshan: Beholding the Divine

Event Details

Date : June 10th, 2023

Time : 8pm-9:30pm CT

Check-in open until at 6:30pm CT

Open/Age : Free & open to all, ages 8 & above. Anyone below the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Read More

Guru Purnima Darshan - July 3rd, 2023

Sadhguru: “On Guru Purnima, there is a certain alliance between the Moon and the planets, which creates a receptivity in people to that dimension which we refer to as the Guru. So, this month is seen as the best time to receive the Grace of the Guru and make yourself receptive to the process. This is a good time to earn that attention from Grace.

On that full moon night of Guru Purnima, 15,000 years ago, as Adiyogi turned his attention to the seven sages, for the very first time in the history of humanity, human beings were reminded that they are not a fixed life. If they are willing to strive, every door in the existence is open. A human being need not be confined by the simple laws of nature. 

For people who are on the spiritual path, Guru Purnima is the biggest day in the year because they want to receive the grace of the Adi Guru and every other Guru on the way.”

Event Details

Date : July 3, 2023

Time : 8pm-9:30pm CT

Check-in open until at 6:30pm CT

Open/Age : Free & open to all, ages 8 & above. Anyone below the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

In the Lap of the Master - July 2-3, 2023 (includes Guru Purnima Darshan with Sadhguru)

Sadhguru: “What we can do with our strength, intelligence and knowledge is very limited. If you open the window of grace, then life will happen in ways that you have not imagined possible. If you leave a certain space within you where your thoughts, emotions, ideas, philosophies, ideologies and prejudices do not enter, then grace will be a torrential force in your life. If you are full of your own stuff, then grace floats around you. This is the tragedy of most human life that a tremendous possibility hangs around them all the time, but they never allow it to happen. The idea, focus and methodology for all spiritual process is just to tear down your persona so that there is an empty presence within you which will become a doorway to grace and possibilities that you yourself could never imagine possible.” 

Program Dates: 

  • July 2nd - July 3rd (full days)

  • Arrive on July 2nd latest by 10 AM CT 

  • Program ends with Guru Purnima darshan on July 3rd 9:30 PM CT 

Venue: Isha Institute of Inner-sciences, 951 Isha Lane, McMinnville, TN 37110

Event Details:

  • Open to everyone, ages 15 & above. 

  • Registration for this event includes Guru purnima darshan with Sadhguru.

  • Sessions with Sadhguru will take place outdoors in lawn seating, rain or shine. Please bring whatever you need to sit comfortably on the ground.

Since Sadhguru will be taking participants through a step by step process attendance is mandatory for all his sessions. If you miss one session, we will not be able to accommodate you for the following sessions.


With the large number of participants coming together and due to ongoing programs, accommodations at Isha Institute are limited and can be booked during registration. Click here for a list of all accommodations surrounding Isha Institute. 


To facilitate easier transport to and from Isha Institute, a shuttle service is available between Nashville Airport and Isha Institute. Click here to book.

Additional offerings during the event

Apart from the sessions with Sadhguru, there will be an opportunity for one to learn Surya Kriya or Upa Yoga. These programs are offered as part of the event, free of cost. More details available after registration. 

Bhuta Shuddhi is about removing everything that you have built up so that the Creator’s creation will rise and shine within you. - Sadhguru

This is a paid program offered during the event. More details available after registration.

  • Adiyogi: The Abode of Yoga is a powerful energy source designed for anyone to enhance their wellbeing in all aspects of life. Visitors may enhance their receptivity to the energies and Grace of the Abode through various offerings and processes, or by simply being in the space. Sitting within the Abode allows one to reach an elevated state of consciousness and know yoga as an inner experience beyond mere knowledge, philosophy, or technique. Open daily 8:30 AM - 8 PM CT.’

Isha Life Shoppe offers a whole range of yoga, organic clothing, and health products. You can purchase items either at Isha Institute or online at ishalife.com. Open daily 8:30 AM CT - 8 PM CT.


McMinnville - 25 minutes away

  • Hampton Inn by Hilton

    1560 Sparta St. McMinnville, TN 37110


    Request “JIB” group block

  • Americas Best Value Inn

    508 Sunny Side Heights, McMinnville, TN 3711

    (931) 474-2570

  • Best Western Tree City Inn

    809 Sparta St, McMinnville, TN 37110

    (931) 473-2159

  • Scottish Inn

    1105 Sparta St, McMinnville, TN 37110

    (931) 473-2181

Dunlap - 25 minutes away

  • Honey Bee Motel

    16166 Rankin Ave, Dunlap, TN 37327

    (423) 904-6720

  • Mountain Inn & Suites

    17260 Rankin Ave, Dunlap, TN 37327

    (423) 949-2184

Spencer - 25 minutes away

  • Lodge at Falls Creek Spencer




Soddy-Daisy - 45 minutes away

  • Home Town Inn

    222 Sequoyah Access Rd,


    (423) 332-7755

Sparta - 40 minutes away

  • Royal Inn

    803 Valley View Dr,

    Sparta, TN 38583

    (931) 738-8585

Dayton - 1 hour away

  • Holiday Inn Express

    2650 Rhea County Highway,

    Dayton, TN 37321


  • PB Lodge

    405 Chickamauga Drive, Dayton TN 37321

    (855) 707-3474

Manchester - 50 min away

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites IHG

    111 Hospitality Blvd,

    Manchester, TN, 37355

    (931) 728-9383

  • Hampton Inn & Suites

    1143 Woodbury Hwy, Manchester, TN 37355

    (931) 728-9528

  • Comfort Suites

    152 Hospitality Blvd,

    Manchester, TN 37355

    (931) 228-8393

  • Microtel Inn & Suites

    201 Expressway Dr, Manchester, TN 37355

    (931) 723-7001

  • Sleep Inn & Suites

    84 Relco Dr,

    Manchester, TN 37355

    (931) 616-0107

  • Ambassador Inn & Suites

    925 Interstate Dr, Manchester, TN 37355

    (931) 728-2200

  • Quality Inn

    2314 Hillsboro Blvd,

    Manchester, TN 37355

    (931) 728-0800

  • LX Hotel 

    201 Murfreesboro Hwy, Manchester, TN 37355

    (931) 954-0946

Cookeville - 1 hour away

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites

    1228 Bunker Hill Rd,

    Cookeville, TN 38506

    (931) 881-2000

  • La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham

    1131 S Jefferson Ave, Cookeville, TN 38501

    (931) 650-5330

  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson

    1151 S Jefferson Ave, Cookeville, TN 38506

    (931) 525-6668

  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott 

    1200 Sams St, Cookeville, TN 38506

    (931) 854-1050

Tullahoma - 1 hr 5 min away

  • Grand Lux Inn

    212 E Lincoln St, Tullahoma, TN 37388

    (931) 461-9995

  • Hampton Inn

    922 N Jackson St, Tullahoma, TN 37388

    (931) 461-5222

  • Baymont

    2113 N Jackson St, Tullahoma, TN 37388

    (931) 563-4262

  • Quality Inn

    1410 N Jackson St, Tullahoma, TN 37388

    (931) 455-4501

Crossville - 1hr 15 min away

  • Hampton Inn

    64 Hospitality Dr, Crossville, TN 38555

    (931) 707-7170

Murfreesboro - 1 hr 15 min away

  • Days Inn & Suites

    182 Chaffin Pl, Murfreesboro, TN, 37129


  • Rodeway Inn

    610 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro, TN, 37130


  • Red Roof Inn

    2282 Armory Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

    (615) 893-0104

  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    1850 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

    (615) 895-5555

  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    1850 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

    (615) 895-5555

  • Howard Johnson

    262 Armory Dr, Murfreesboro,

    TN 37129

  • Holiday Inn IHG

    1453 Silohill Ln, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 (615) 751-5300

  • Baymont

    2230 Armory Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

    (615) 809-0030

  • Sleep Inn

    193 Chaffin Pl, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

    (615) 439-1938

  • Holiday Inn Express Central

    IHG 165 Chaffin Pl, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 1-615-8499000

  • Econo Lodge

    110 N Thompson Ln, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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  • Hampton Inn & Suites

    325 N Thompson Ln, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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  • Quality Inn - University Area 2135 S Church St,

    Murfreesboro, TN 37130

    (615) 890-1006

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton

    1200 Conference Center Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

    (615) 890-4464

  • Super 8

    127 Chaffin Pl, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

    (615) 933-7332

  • Wingate

    118 Westgate Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN, 37128

    (615) 640-9900

Catch A Glimpse of Past Events

Buddha Purnima Darshan - May 4