Ayush Kriya

Ayush Kriya supports overall health and wellbeing. The process includes Klesha Nashana Kriya, a cleansing process for the energy body, and Loha Arpanam, an offering of precious metal in your choice of gold ($2100), silver ($333), or copper ($150). Ayush Kriya is often conducted to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary, or other significant milestone in the Grace of Adiyogi.

Family Celebrations
A larger celebration in honor of your special occasion can be arranged for your family, friends, or the whole ashram. Group celebrations can include annadhanam-a special meal and/or prasadam (sweet) offered at the Abode and served in the ashram dining. An additional donation is required for group celebrations. Please inquire with the main office for details.


Bookings and other queries

Abode processes and classes are available by appointment only. Registration for all processes is required a minimum of a day in advance.

For Bookings call:931-668-1900   email: info@ishausa.org

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