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Free In Person Yoga Sessions

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Having the inner strength, balance, and capability to live well irrespective of outside situations and conditions – that is freedom. - Sadhguru

Unlock the Freedom Within

Isha Yoga In-Person Sessions offer you simple methods to cultivate peace, joy and wellbeing. Whether you are seeking to eliminate anxiety, improve productivity, or regain a lost sense of vibrancy, there are a variety of sessions for you to dive into.

Join us at a venue near you to learn simple, powerful Yoga practices & guided meditations. These practices are suitable for everyone, so gather your friends, family and loved ones to join us for these free, in-person sessions!


Bring Balance to Your Mind and Body

Live With Renewed Peace and Joy

Eliminate Stress and Tension

Free Session: Yoga for Love
This session includes simple, yet powerful tools to manifest a greater experience of love in one’s life.


Since I practiced Isha Yoga, my life has changed completely. I went from instability to stability. I feel good in my body, my mind is at peace, my emotions are soft like a gentle wind. It's so amazing to live with ease!

- Julien, France

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If you have any questions please reach out to us through the support portal.