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International Day of Yoga

Learn Free Yogic Practices

«This is a great time to address ourselves. If we put in enough effort, we can come out physically fitter, mentally more stable, energetically stronger, and spiritually with more potential.» - Sadhguru

Start Your Yoga Journey with Sadhguru

Take charge of your body and mind with these simple yet powerful Yogic practices designed by Sadhguru.

Unlock your full potential with timeless Yogic knowledge at your fingertips and let Sadhguru’s wisdom guide you to a joyful, healthy and fulfilling life.

Choose Your Path...

Mental Health

Establish joy, peace and mental health this International Day of Yoga. Discover the source of your mental wellbeing.

Benefits of Yoga

Establish mental wellbeing

Discover an unshakeable inner balance

Eliminate stress, tension & anxiety

Unleash your full potential


"I used to be an agitated person, I used to talk fast, I was all over the place, not having any peace of mind. I feel like I was born again. Physically, I hardly ever get sick. Mentally, no longer overwhelmed. Emotionally, more balanced. A different person!"

- Maria, UK