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On a 12,000-mile motorcycle journey, Sadhguru explores America’s spiritual legacy and its vast, stunning terrain. On 15 September 2020, Sadhguru took off from the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in Tennessee , gearing up to cross over15 States on an exploration of the cultures and legacy of the Indigenous Peoples who have inhabited the American continent for over 40,000 years. Coming from his profound perception and experience of life, and through poignant interactions with leaders, elders, and medicine men and women, Sadhguru is presenting to millions the history of the Natives, their sacred sites, spiritual practices, connection with the land, and timeless wisdom. Along the way, Sadhguru has been engaging in poignant interactions with Native American leaders, elders and medicine men.

Sadhguru has crossed  through Memphis, Komanchi country, and the Mighty Mississippi — the river praised by Mark Twain and Sadhguru’s dream since childhood.  The journey continued to the sacred Black Hills, Backlands, Crow Nation and the Devil’s Tower, exploring the Yellowstone region — land of the Lakota Sioux and home to civilizations for over 10,000 years. The tour will cover the lands of the Navajo and Hopi Tribes in the immense Grand Canyon, that layers millions of years of geological history.


The brooding darkness of these woods
fed upon the native blood
In the twisted tangle of the fallen wood
the spirit of the fallen Indian stood

O brothers, your identity a mistake
those who oceans crossed did make
The greed for gold and land laid waste
the spirit of wisdom and grace

The children of those, who by murder did take,
are taintless of their forefathers mistake
But those who lived, fed upon the milk of courage and pride,
stand as spirits of defeat and shame

O the murdered and the murderous
Embrace me. Let me set your spirits to rest


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For media inquires in North America, please email media@ishausa.org

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