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Celebrate Navratri

with Linga Bhairavi

Nine Nights of the Divine Feminine

“The divine feminine is an expression of exuberance. May you know the bounty of exuberance this Navratri.” – Sadhguru

Worship of the feminine has always been prominent in Indian culture. Navratri is nine powerful nights dedicated to Devi - a feminine manifestation of the Divine. Linga Bhairavi manifests all three dimensions of the Divine Feminine, traditionally represented as Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. These three dimensions represent the three basic qualities of existence – tamas (inertia), rajas (action), and sattva (transcendence). The first two are oriented towards well-being and prosperity, and the third is towards the aspiration to go beyond.

Significance Of Navratri

Ways To Celebrate Navratri With Devi

Navratri Sadhana

A simple and powerful Navratri sadhana will be offered from 26 Sep - 4 Oct to experience Devi’s Grace at home.

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Navratri Offerings

Devotees can make an appeal to Devi’s Grace through various online offerings that can be made for individuals and family members.

(These offerings are available only to those in India.)

Devi Abhishekam

A set of 11 offerings made in a sacred ambiance of gratitude to appeal to Devi's grace for the overall wellbeing of you and your family.

Dhanya Samarpanam

Grains, representing life energies, are offered to Devi on each day of Navratri as an appeal for her Grace.

Vastram Arpanam

Make a saree offering to all forms of Devi for emotional unity, menstrual health, and marital harmony.

Navratri Arpanam

Vermillion, turmeric, and sandalwood powder are offered to the three forms of Devi to appeal to her grace for wellbeing, prosperity, and transcendence.

Celebrate Navratri With Linga Bhairavi

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