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Shivanga Sadhana

Way of Grace

(for gents, online or in person)

A powerful 42-day sadhana offered by Sadhguru, to bring forth devotion within to enhance your receptivity to Shiva. Builds a strong physical and psychological basis for inner exploration.

What is Shivanga Sadhana?

“The Shivanga Sadhana is about bringing into your awareness that you are a limb of Shiva, the very source of creation and the Ultimate Possibility.”


The sadhana is an opportunity to bring forth devotion from within.

The sadhana includes an initiation and culmination, which are available online and in-person.

The moment I complete 10-12 Shiva Namaskar, a different kind of intense energy pushes me to do it. Now, I know what is Grace!


Entrepreneur, France

The Shiva Namaskar process gave me the emotional strength that I had lost somewhere during the last 2 decades of corporate chaos. I recommend it to all working professionals.


Actor, Germany

Benefits of Shivanga Sadhana

Initiation into a powerful 42-day sadhana
Learn the sacred “Shiva Namaskar” yogic process
Pilgrimage to the Velliangiri Mountains (optional)
Provides a strong physical and psychological basis for inner exploration

Sadhana Details

  • Guidelines
  • Registration
  • Initiation
  • Culmination

The sadhana begins on Purnima (full moon day) and ends on Shivratri (day before the new moon), 42 days later.


  • This sadhana is only for gents.
  • The Rudraksha mala with the Dhyanalinga pendant should be worn around the neck during the sadhana period.
  • The black cloth should be tied on the upper right arm. It can be rinsed in plain water while bathing.
  • Vibhuti should be applied between the eyebrows, at the pit of the throat, behind the ears, on the solar plexus and just below the navel.
  • Shiva Namaskar (a practice taught during initiation) should be done with devotion 21 times a day, either before sunrise or after sunset on an empty stomach.
  • Only 2 meals can be had during the day. The first meal should be taken after 12 PM / noon.
  • Soak 8-10 peppercorns along with 2-3 vilva leaves in honey, and a handful of groundnuts in water overnight. In the morning, on an empty stomach, chew the leaves. After completing the daily Shivanga sadhana, add lemon juice to the peppercorn-honey mixture and consume. Consume the soaked groundnuts also.
  • Shower/bath should be taken twice a day. Herbal bathing powder (snanam podi) can be used instead of soap.
  • Whites or light color clothing can be worn during the Sadhana period.
  • During the period of the Sadhana, smoking, consuming alcohol and eating non-vegetarian food are not allowed.
  • Instead of asking for Biksha (alms) as part of the sadhana, you can skip a meal and contribute to - Annadanam - the offering of food, to someone.
  • Through a simple act of offering food, you can touch another life and enrich your own.


  • Registration is mandatory to attend initiation
  • The Shivanga kit is needed to attend initiation for the Sadhana.
    UK participants(Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland ) can order kit from Isha Life-UK
    EU Participants can order kit from Isha Life-EU.

Note: Shipping is not available to Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canary Islands, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Tajikstan, Sar Marino, Russia.


  • A trained Instructor will initiate the participants into the Sadhana on Purnima. You can also participate online.
  • The Sadhana begins on Purnima (full moon day) and ends on Shivratri (day before the new moon), 42 days later.


  • It is optional for the Shivangas to come to the Dhyanalinga in Coimbatore on Shivratri.
  • Online Culmination is also facilitated for those who cannot do it at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore

This Sadhana has been a transformative experience for me! It was a bit tough initially. But from the 7th day, the way Shiva Namaskar was flowing through me, it was definitely not me doing it.


Anthropologist, Romania

I was too excited to go to Velliangiri. It is not just trekking, it is like going to meet the divine. You just have to be there once in a lifetime, once you go, you will know!


Relationship Advisor, Italy

Upcoming Dates


You can participate in the initiation and culmination online. Culmination at the Dhyanalinga and yatra to the Velliangiri Mountains are both optional.

07 Mar 23
18 Apr 23
19 Apr 23
05 Apr 23
17 May 23
18 May 23
05 May 23 Chitra / Buddha Purnima
16 Jun 23
17 Jun 23
03 Jun 23
15 Jul 23
16 Jul 23
03 Jul 23 (Guru Purnima)
14 Aug 23
15 Aug 23

Interested?The next steps are




is mandatory to get initiated into this Shivanga Sadhana.


Sadhana Kit

is mandatory to attend initiation. You can order it from Isha Life.



You can get initiated online or in-person by a trained Shivanga at the local center



You can culminate the Sadhana online or in-person at the Isha Yoga Center

Fire Up Your Devotion with Shivanga Spurthi


Nurture the fire of devotion with invigorating devotional chants offered to Shiva, insightful wisdom from Sadhguru, and powerful guided meditations.


7-8 PM IST


Every Amavasya



Contact Us

Please reach out to your Shivanga local coordinator for any questions during your sadhana.

Contact details for UK/EU:


Download the Shivanga Brochure for more details.