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Isha Yoga Centre London

“Meditation is the only freedom from stress, tension, and anxiety.” ―Sadhguru

Isha Yoga Centre London

“Meditation is the only freedom from stress, tension, and anxiety.” ―Sadhguru


Tucked away in a serene location at the heart of London, 1-2 Silex St. SE1 0DW, an iconic industrial floor has been reshaped into the first Isha Yoga Centre in Europe. Inside its warm earth-coloured brick walls a variety of Isha Yoga programmes are offered as tools for inner transformation and complete wellbeing. 

The Centre also operates Isha Shoppe, a unique brand offering a variety of beautiful, inspiring and practical products ranging from Yoga clothing and body care to books and home décor. Each design and project is created with a consideration and originality, known specifically to Isha.

Consecrated Space

The programme hall includes a yantra or "energy form" specially designed and energised by Sadhguru. It is a powerfully consecrated space within the vast cultural metropolis of London, geared towards spreading the technology of inner wellbeing across Europe and beyond. 

Upcoming Programs

Upcoming programs

Program Type

Sorry, we don't have upcoming programs or events in this location. Please contact us to get notified of upcoming programs.

Contact Us

Contact Information:

Isha Yoga Center

1-2 Silex Street, London, SE1 0DW, UK

Telephone: 447861716662, 442080370203



“It’s only been four days and already I have felt and seen my body change. I’m brimming with energy. All my gratitude to our teacher, the volunteers and of course, Sadhguru.”

- Eddie, Hatha Yoga participant