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Living Isha

“Every human being deserves to live in a consecrated space, a space that helps you transcend the ways of the world.” ―Sadhguru

Living Isha

“Every human being deserves to live in a consecrated space, a space that helps you transcend the ways of the world.” ―Sadhguru

Living Isha

It is Sadhguru’s vision that the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences becomes a powerful space for raising human consciousness. Nestled in the natural beauty of the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, Isha Institute offers the unique opportunity of living in a vibrant and energized space while pursuing a profound spiritual process under the guidance of a living master.

To support all those who wish to live their lives in a consecrated space, Isha Institute is currently expanding and developing the necessary amenities for a thriving community. Whether one wishes to be here full- or part-time, bring family, or work remotely, a variety of accommodation options are available.

If you are interested in learning more about Living Isha, please fill in the interest form and a volunteer will get back to you.

Priority Deposit

Living Isha is now accepting priority deposits, which will secure your unit or lot for delivery within 24-48 months. By making a non-refundable priority deposit, you will be given the opportunity to select your unit or lot.

Keep me Updated: To receive updates as new accommodations and options become available, please fill out this Interest Form.

Attend a webinar: Learn about life at Isha Institute, including accommodation options, community updates, and ask questions by joining our informational webinars on the first Tuesday and Thursday of each month at 8 PM CST.

Speak with a Living Isha Volunteer: If you wish to speak directly with a member of the Living Isha team, you can schedule a call in the Living Isha Team Calendar.

Book a Visit: To book a visit at Isha Institute please email info@ishausa.org. You can also find more information on the Isha Institute website.

Tours: Guided tours of Isha Enclave happen every Saturday and Sunday at 2:45 PM CT. Tours include visiting a completed four-bedroom house, Isha Kamala, as well as the Isha Apartment site. Please RSVP here. Self-guided tours of the Isha Enclave community can be taken between 8am - 5pm. Please inquire at the welcome center for details.

For those who wish to live under Sadhguru’s grace and guidance, we invite you to explore and experience the thriving and profound spiritual environment of Isha Institute.

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