Ayurvedic Therapies


Ayurvedic Therapies

To facilitate a one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience, we carefully source only the finest natural ingredients. Our therapists are well-trained and are skilled in traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques. All therapies are prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor, who will suggest the most appropriate treatment for your health condition.

Ayurvedic Therapies Offered



A classical herbal oil massage, using vigorous downward strokes to apply pressure to muscles, nerves and vital points on the body.  

•    Sharira abhyangam - A classical herbal oil massage for the entire body.

•    Shiro Abhyangam - Herbal oil massage on the head and neck done in rhythmic movements.  

•    Mukha Abhyangam - A traditional invigorating facial massage involving the application of snehadravyas (oil, ghee, etc.) using circular strokes.

•    Pada Abhyangam - A stimulating foot massage involving the application of oil with specific pressure and in specific directions.


Takes care of deep-seated pain. First, oil is applied, and then herbal paste is applied in the affected area and covered. This area is steamed


Fine herbal paste is massaged all over the body. Helpful for sensitive and dry skin  


Body massage using medicated dried herbal powders or paste, which are applied to the body using upward strokes


Body is first massaged and then made to perspire by pouring a constant stream  of extracts depending on body conditions from a special vessel placed at a certain height.

•    Kashayadhara - Herbal water extracts are used.

•    Dhanyamladhara - Dhanyamla (lukewarm fermented herbal liquids)  

•    Shirodhara/ Takradara- Milk or buttermilk is gently poured on the forehead

•    Pizhchil / Thailadhara - Continuous streams of warm medicated herbal oils are soothingly poured over the body by two Ayurvedic therapists as they gently massage the body in perfect unison.

Sveda (steam)

•    Bashpa sveda - Medicated steam bath using herbal decoctions in a unique bashpa sveda yantra, or steam bath chamber, which induces profuse sweating

•    Nadi sveda - Local application of hot steam using an instrument called nadisveda yantra, which induces profuse sweating


Nourishing deep massage treatment in which heated bolus bags are applied either locally or to the entire body. Depending on the nature of the medical condition, the bolus bags may contain choorna (herbal powders), patra (assorted fried herbal leaves), jambeera (lemon) or shashtika (njavara rice, a type of Indian herbal rice). For some conditions, a medicated oil massage may be done prior to the application of bolus bags.

External Vasthi

Localized application and retention of warm medicated liquids within a sealed-wall frame on the affected area  

•    Greeva Vasthi - Localized external vasthi for neck region

•    Janu Vasthi - Localized external vasthi for knees

•    Kati Vasthi - Localized external vasthi for lower back

•    Uro Vasthi - Localized external vasthi for heart region

•    Shiro Vasthi - Localized external vasthi for the head 


Sweating is triggered by seating the patient in a large tub filled with warm medicated liquid, maintained at a constant temperature.


Gentle application of warm, thick herbal paste (blend of many potent herbs, spices, juices of leaves) on any afflicted area.


Long, thick layer of cotton wool soaked with warm medicated oil is applied over the affected area. The oil is replaced periodically to keep it warm and therapeutic. It can be applied on different parts of the body, such as the head, neck, limbs, etc.


Herbal paste is applied evenly all over the head and covered first with plantain leaf and then with a cloth. A small hole is made in the center of the covering and medicated oil is kept there. Oil and paste are removed after a specific period and a mild head massage is administered.


Ancient bandaging technique using healing herbal pastes or oils


Medicated herbal or oil-based enemas specially prepared and administered.


Nasal orifices are believed to be the gateway to the head. In this treatment, herbal powders, juices and medicated oils are administered through the nostrils.

Eye Care

•    Netra Lepam - Paste made of different cooling herbs is applied to the eyes after washing with herbal decoction. Not only treats eye conditions, but also cools the eyes.

•    Akshitharpanam - Localized application and retention of medicated ghee or oil within a sealed-wall frame on the eyes

•    Bidalakam - Application of herbal paste over eyelids

•    Akshidhara -Eyes are cleansed by pouring a liquid herbal preparation in a continuous stream over the eyes

Ear Care

•    Karnapoornam - Warm medicated oil and fumes are applied to the ears, followed by massage around the ears and jaw area

•    Karna Dhoobanam - Smoke from medicated herbs is directed into the ears which alleviates loss of hearing, infections of the ear and painful conditions of the ear

Agni karma or dahan karma

Intensive treatment in which a unique instrument called shalaka yantra is heated and applied to the affected area


It is best to book an appointment in-person prior to your visit to the centers, as same day appointments may not always be available. You can book an appointment by visiting one of the centers in-person. All therapies are prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor, who will suggest the most appropriate oils and treatment for you.

It depends on the availability of slots for consultation.

Yes, there is a nominal consultation fee. The respective centers can be contacted for the fee.

For over 12 years we have offered an integrated approach to health interventions uniquely combining Allopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha and Yoga, which stems from Sadhguru’s deep understanding of the human system. We have specific treatment guidelines, intensive training and mentoring for our doctors and an iterative system where doctors incorporate feedback from patients in the treatment process. Ayurveda and Siddha medicines are natural and safe. Following our treatment regimen consisting of prescribed medicines, yoga, lifestyle and dietary advice will be very supportive for your health.

You can come with all your past medical reports and records, if you have any. If you are suffering from any chronic problems, you can make a chronological record of your symptoms and the treatment undertaken and dietary habits and lifestyle. Ideally, being on an empty stomach before your appointment is better for traditional diagnosis.

It is best you continue with your Allopathic medicines until you see our doctors. During your consultation, you will be guided on how best to proceed with any changes. In our experience, generally, allopathic and traditional medicines do not interact with one another. If there is a specific situation, our doctors will advise you.

Our medicines are prepared following rigorous methods of manufacturing, adhering to high safety standards. Some people wrongly believe that the Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines can potentially harm the body, specifically liver and kidneys. Medicines that are carefully prepared as described in the ancient texts will not cause any harm.

Some of our medicines do contain metals, however not all medicines contain heavy metals. When properly purified, these are highly effective and even curative for some diseases. All our medicines are carefully prepared as instructed in the ancient texts, under the supervision of experienced personnel. When prepared meticulously, the metals become medicinal and hence will not cause any harm. However, if you do not want to be prescribed medicines which contain metals, you can inform the doctor.