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  • Sadhguru Exclusive

Sadhguru Offers Bond of Grace

“Bond of Grace is a Bond for Life.” – Sadhguru

Next Ceremony date to be announced

Bond of Grace, formerly Mahima Yantra in the US and Nanmai Uruvam in India, is a consecrated form that has been placed in the sphere of the Dhyanalinga to imbibe its energies. 

Online Ceremony

Ishanga 7% Partners have an opportunity to participate in an exclusive online program called “Sadhguru Offers Bond of Grace.” In this online program, you will be initiated into a powerful process to be practiced every day to enhance your connection with grace.

Daily Practice

This program is a unique opportunity to be initiated into a simple daily practice which enhances your connection to Grace and is offered exclusively to Ishanga 7% partners.

You will need the Bond of Grace Copper Form (earlier known as Nanmai Uruvam) for both the daily practice and to participate in the program.

Next Ceremony date to be announced

Saturday, 18th of March 2023

Ishanga 7% Partners are not required to have the consecrated form or participate in this ceremony to be available to Grace. However those who need or prefer the support of a consecrated form can register for the upcoming ceremony.

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