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Shakti Chalana Kriya Refresher Program

Review and Recharge Shakti Chalana Kriya

“Shakti Chalana Kriya is a path of fire and light. It is both purifying and enlightening.” —Sadhguru

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Prana, one’s vital energy, determines the function of your entire system.

Shakti Chalana Kriya is a set of powerful, purifying practices to enhance the flow of your vital energy and offers the possibility of bringing your system to a state of optimal health, balance and vibrancy.

The Shakti Chalana Kriya Refresher Program is a 2-day online offering for those who wish to review, restart, or have their practice corrected. The guided sessions offer the necessary support to clarify the instructions and enhance your experience of the kriya. A mandatory 60-minute preparatory session is also included.


  • Completion of the Shoonya Intensive program.

  • Capacity is limited. To register, click on the button below.

( Registrations are closed )