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Isha Golf Jaunt 2019

Your love for golf will help educate a child in rural India.

Isha Golf Jaunt is an annual charity golf event where corporates and golf lovers come to the links to join Sadhguru in sport and in the spirit of giving. As they show off their talents on the course, these players also provide young children a chance to someday compete in the Indian economy.

On this day, Sadhguru brings awareness to the problem of rural education to the very leaders who are shaping India’s success. Speaking of rural youth, Sadhguru says, “Unless we educate rural India, unless we create a competent population, there is no future for the nation.” Isha Vidhya is one answer to bridge the gap for underprivileged youth and create a brighter tomorrow for the country.

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It’s absolutely fabulous. This is one way where you can make sure a lot more people turn up and contribute to the cause, so we couldn’t have had a better day. I am really humbled to be here.

- Ajit Agarkar
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