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Travel, Things to Carry & General Information for Naga Pratishtha


Ahead of the Naga Pratishtha consecration, please find below information to help you be better prepared for the event.

Transport to and from the venue:

  • Please note that traveling from Bengaluru City to Isha Yoga Center may take 2.5 to 3 hours due to the traffic situation near the venue.

  • As Isha Yoga Center is located in a rural area, public transport will not be available after the consecration is completed at 1 am. Keeping that in mind, please arrange a round-trip transport between Bengaluru and Isha Yoga Center.

  • If you wish to arrange personalized transport to Isha Yoga Center, you can explore travel agencies that can be found online.

  • Please find here a few agencies who are aware of the Naga Pratishtha event and are willing to provide round-trip transportation, subject to the availability of vehicles. https://bit.ly/BlrTravelAgencies

Approximate Expense: 6000 - 8500 INR

  • We encourage you to make your travel/logistical arrangements well ahead of time to avoid challenges on that day.

Schedule on the day of Naga Pratishtha (for Oct 9):

  • Check-in: 10 am - 2 pm

  • Lunch opens at 11.30 am

  • Session: 3 pm

  • Don’t leave in between

About the Isha Yoga Center, Bengaluru:

The event will be organized to accommodate participants as comfortably as possible, but please note that the Isha Yoga Center, Bengaluru is still under construction, and the existing infrastructure is very minimal.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The event will happen in the open air.

  • Please come prepared for varying climatic conditions. Temperatures may vary from 20° C to 28° C.

  • There is no accommodation/luggage area at the venue. Please do not bring your luggage/valuables and freshen up before you arrive.

Things to carry:

  • Wristband (for participants from India), ID Card, EPass

  • Rubber yoga mat, bedsheet and/or cushions as needed to sit comfortably on the ground

  • Rain gear

  • Appropriate footwear (to walk on unpaved pathways)

  • Umbrella (for shade and/or rain)

  • Sunscreen

  • Sun hat or cap

  • Warm clothing (woolen cap, sweater, etc)

  • Water bottle (water points will be available at the venue)

  • Any medicines you are regularly taking

  • Portable mobile charger / power bank (there are no charging points at venue)

You can keep these items with you in a backpack or small carry bag in the seating area to utilize them as needed.

Note: As there are no shops near the premises, it is best you bring all required items with you.


  • Participants are required to wear full white clothing (white kurta/top and white pants) during the Naga Pratishtha.


  • Lunch will be served at the venue 11.30 am onwards

  • During the consecration, light and healthy prasadam will be provided that will be supportive for the process.

  • Packed meal will be distributed to participants at the closing of the program

  • Food stalls serving packed juices and light snacks, like biscuits, will remain open till 2pm

Mobile Phone Connection:

  • Due to the location and large number of participants expected at this event, it is likely that mobile phone services, including Internet, will be limited. Please ensure to plan in advance accordingly.

Wristbands/Check In:

  • We have sent Event access wristbands by post to participants residing in India. In case you do not receive your wristband due to delay in post, you can receive it upon check-in by displaying your E-pass/ID at the venue.

  • Overseas participants will also receive their wristbands upon check-in.

For questions, please contact us:

Phone: 8300053111

Email: info.iycbangalore@lingabhairavi.org

We look forward to having you at the Naga Pratishtha Event!

In love, light and laughter,

Isha Volunteers