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Why Attend Naga Pratishtha?

Sadhguru: Essentially, the energy of the Naga is of vyana prana, so it is preservative in nature. It arrests the aging process, rehabilitates the body, and makes you immune to various types of impurities and poisons that come your way through your breath, food, and mind. Enhancing one's vyana prana also greatly improves one’s immune system.

AdiYogi wears Naga around his neck indicating that you can become a powerful being by having the energies of Naga.

Experience mystical dimensions of consecration by Sadhguru

Allow Naga’s grace to remove unseen obstacles from your life

Contribute to creating a vibrant spiritual possibility for generations to come

Participant Experiences from Previous Consecrations

double quote
It's very enchanting. I am just running out of words to describe.
Shanmita, Chennai
double quote
This is my first consecration and I was just overwhelmed but I just have this complete feeling of gratitude.
Tameema, Mumbai
double quote
The energy is so powerful, I am feeling it in every single place. It's amazing. This is like a dream come true to actually be here on this auspicious day.
Sheela, Chicago

Program Details

Seating Categories

Participants from all the categories will receive a consecrated snake ring and an image of Naga.

IncludesGeneral seating BGeneral seating APreferred seating BPreferred seating APriority Seating, Consecrated Copper Naga FormPremium Seating, Consecrated Brass Naga Form
Program Fee (INR)5000 (per person)10,000 (per person)50,000 (per person)1,00,000 (per person)3,00,000 (per person)
16% discount for 2 people
Registrations closed

If you wish to make a larger contribution towards the spiritual infrastructure being built at Isha Yoga Center, Bengaluru, please contact +91 83000 53111

Travel, Things to Carry & General Info

For details on travelling to the venue, things to carry and other general information regarding the program, follow this link: Travel,Things to carry and General Info

Frequently Asked Questions

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