Uyir Nokkam means to become life-oriented. Once you orient yourself from your thoughts and emotions to the life within you, you will be the director of your life. – Sadhguru



Uyir Nokkam means to become life-oriented. Once you orient yourself from your thoughts and emotions to the life within you, you will be the director of your life. – Sadhguru


The Uyirnokkam program is a simple yet transformative first step into the path of Yoga, designed by Sadhguru to make our body, mind, emotions, energies, and the five elements within us function for our wellbeing.

The Uyirnokkam program is offered in Tamil as a 6-hour program, either in a 2- or 3-day format.

Improve physical health
Live without stress
Improve interpersonal relationships
Become more effective at handling situations
Become naturally loving and joyful

Yoga For all

The program is conducted by Uyirnokkam Ishangas, trained under the direct guidance of Sadhguru. The program is offered with the objective of bringing at least “one drop of spirituality” to all.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Sadhguru: One thing is on the level of the body. If your body is not healthy, if I talk enlightenment to you, are you interested? If you are diseased in the body, if you are in some suffering, if I talk of some other higher dimensions, what are you going to understand? You will not understand anything. So wellbeing of the body is important.

Another aspect is if your external situation is not conducive, either in your economic situation or in your relationship with someone, again it is a problem. If you are depressed because you don't have money or because of some problem in the house, now if I talk about enlightenment to you, again you are not interested. You think it is enough if this problem goes away. At the same time, if all of this has to happen well, our life energies must function in a certain way. Otherwise whatever you do, it won't happen.

If our life energies do not function exuberantly within us, this is like our own life turning against us. This is the problem with many people. They are saying they are in tension, stress, and suffering. What this means is, your own intellect is functioning against you, that's all.

If I come and poke you, it is an external situation. If your own mind is poking you, what does it mean? Your own mind has become your enemy. If your own mind, body or life energies become your enemy, then who can come and save you?

Your body, mind and life energies should work for your wellbeing. If they start working against you, whatever you do, it won't work. So, this Uyir Nokkam means, a small practice to make our body, mind, emotions, energies and the five elements in this system work for our wellbeing.

Sadhguru: If we have to teach a spiritual practice, if that has to work in the right way for us, it is necessary to undergo a certain amount of preparation. We should prepare our mental state, physical state and emotional state a little. To prepare this, there is a six-hour class, which happens over 3 days, for 2 hours each day.

This is a small step. If you take a small step, if you experientially see that a transformation has happened, you will be interested in taking a larger step.

Anyone above 12 years of age is eligible.

Sadhguru: What was taught in the past in 3 hours every day for 14 days, is still being taught like that, but now it is not being offered as the first step, it is being offered as an advanced program. Those days I was teaching everything, so we had kept that as the first step. When many teachers started teaching it, offering it to everyone is a little difficult. If we have to train a teacher, it takes 3 to 5 years. So we made it as the second step and created another smaller step for 7 days, Shambhavi Mahamudra.

It is happening wonderfully well all over the world. Now there are some who cannot climb even that step. For them, we are making it 3 days for 2 hours - 6 hours is enough for them. There will be others who cannot climb even that. For them just 2 hours, Isha Kriya is enough.

Sadhguru: The Uyir Nokkam program is a small step for those who cannot climb the first step itself. Still if you wish, you can attend this program. It is good if you can do both practices on a daily basis. You will definitely benefit from them.

As per the order of doing practices, Uyir nokkam practices can be done first followed by Shambhavi practice. However, if you get into time constraints, then it is best if you give priority to Shambhavi Mahamudra.

Registration points are available at all local centers.

Yes, the class can be conducted in a closed atmosphere, where there are committed people willing to attend the program for 3 days, 2 hours each day. The minimum registration to conduct a program is 11 people.

Yes, please contact the local coordinators of your area to know more details.

No, this is a structured program, which needs to be taught in a class atmosphere by a trained teacher.

To restart the practices you can come back to the class to refresh and reinforce the practice. There is no need to register once again.

Yes, these are simple yet powerful practices that can help a person overcome various health ailments. But it is always advisable to consult your physician before starting any practice.

No. To learn the Uyir Nokkam practices, one has to attend the program wherever it is happening. To find a location near you, please check.

Sadhguru: Meditation is a process that can become as much a part of your life as anything else that you are doing. It is just like brushing your teeth; initially someone had to insist that you do it, but once you understood the value of it, it simply happened without any thought. It's the same thing with meditation. Once you see the value of it, it will naturally become a daily part of your life without much effort. However, in order for this to happen, it needs some perseverance initially. That is one of the reasons the practice has to be done twice a day, for the first 48 days.

48 days is a period of time which is generally known as a mandala, a time period when the system goes through a certain cycle. This is also the reason why in ayurveda for example, medicine is usually given for 48 days.

It is the length of time that is needed for the medicine to take root in your system. The same is true for Uyir Nokkam practices. It is important that you do it without a break for that period.

No, Sadhguru is making this program available to offer everyone at least one drop of spirituality, which itself creates a powerful possibility to become free from various ailments and tensions. In order to attend the advance programs, the Isha Yoga or Inner Engineering program, which offers an ancient yogic practice called Shambavi Mahamudra, is the first prerequisite.