Sadhguru's Enlightenment Day

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23 September marks Sadhguru’s Enlightenment Day. This day, thirty eight years ago, on Chamundi Hill in Mysore, an experience beyond words unfolded within Sadhguru - one of such intense beauty and ecstasy that he drew up a plan to make it available to all humanity.

As significant as this event was in Sadhguru's own life, it was also the opening up of a spiritual possibility for millions of people the world over.

This effort to touch every human being, to ensure at least "one drop of spirituality" is in everyone's life, has been a scintillating saga of 38 years.

Event Details

Powerful Meditation with Sadhguru

Powerful Meditation with Sadhguru

Sadhguru Darshan with Q&A

Sadhguru Darshan with Q&A

Special Musical Performances

Special Musical Performances

Launch of Sadhguru Exclusive

Sadhguru Exclusive

Preparatory Sadhana


Sadhana to prepare for the Meditation with Sadhguru

Sadhguru will be guiding us through a powerful meditation. Make the best use of this immense possibility by learning the preparatory sadhana:


Bhakti literally means devotion. Bhakti sadhana is a simple process through which one can become receptive to Grace and invite the possibility of the Divine.



The Process: Look at everything around you as far bigger than yourself, with a sense of devotion. The air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the food that you eat, the trees, the sun, even the worms - look at everything around with this sense of devotion.


You can do it daily for 12 minutes, 20 minutes or 40 minutes.


The Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya chant by Sadhguru is an acknowledgment of the unparalleled contribution of Adiyogi — the first yogi — to humanity. The practice of this chant generates ushna or heat in the system. For one on the spiritual path, generating sufficient ushna can help accelerate their growth tremendously.


The Process: You can sit with your eyes closed, with a slightly upturned face and chant for a minimum of 12 times, 21 times (or as long as you wish).



For those who have not undergone any of the Isha Yoga programs, you can do the following practices in the given sequence, in addition to the above:


Yoga Namaskar is a simple and powerful system which activates the lumbar region of the spine and strengthens the muscles along the spine, preventing the spine’s collapse due to aging. Yoga Namaskar also has several benefits for the entire body.


You can do a minimum of 3 cycles of Yoga Namaskar daily.



The Nadi Shuddhi practice cleanses the nadis – the pathways through which life energy flows – resulting in a balanced system and psychological wellbeing.


Duration: Do it for a minimum of 4 minutes. You can practice it for longer if you wish.



Nada Yoga – the Yoga of sound or reverberation – allows you to utter the sounds that can bring joy and ease within.



Shambhavi Mudra is an effortless process that enhances your perception and makes you receptive to that dimension of life, often termed as Grace.