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Yoga at Home

Here, we offer you some tips on how to do yoga at home.

Here, we offer you some tips on how to do yoga at home.

Daily Practice at Home

Yoga brings you to your fullest potential - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. It is meant to be practiced at home daily (ideally in the morning), so that when you go out into the world for your day-to-day activities, you will be at your best in every way.

In the yogic tradition, it is advised to do yoga practices every day for at least a mandala. A mandala is a period of approximately 40 days in which time the human system completes one physiological cycle. By doing yoga at home for one mandala, you can firmly establish the yoga practice on all levels - body, mind and energy - and reap the benefits.

Mornings & Evenings

The practice of yoga can generate a lot of heat or ushna in the body. Sadhguru explains, "If the temperature outside is high and the ushna rises beyond a certain point, it will cause cellular damage." So it is best to do your daily practice at cooler times of the day, i.e. mornings and evenings.

A Practice Area

It is best to allocate a space when doing yoga for beginners at home. When you do yoga practices in the same space every day, that space acquires a quality or energy about it which is conducive to your inner growth.

Light an Oil Lamp Oil lamps provide light and create an aesthetic ambience, but more than that, they create a positive atmosphere of energy in your home. Lighting a lamp before you do yoga at home will surely enhance your practice.

3-ft Radius Free of Movement

Yoga recognizes that the human body is a microcosm of the larger cosmic macrocosm. The practice of yogasanas is about aligning the geometry of your system with the cosmic geometry. When such a powerful process is underway, there needs to be sufficient space for your energies to move. It is best to keep an area of 3-ft radius around you where there is no movement.

No Distractions - Music & Phones

When you practice yoga, you are aiming to shift your attention inward to the source of creation within you. Music or any kind of sound that directs your attention outward is a distraction when you want to do yoga at home. It is also best to keep your cell phone switched off or in silent mode. Keep this time just for yourself!

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