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Mind & Stress

The mind is a fantastic instrument, but most human beings unfortunately suffer rather than benefit from its capabilities. Sadhguru looks at how yoga is a means to transcend the mind.

Yoga and the Mind

The whole process of yoga is to transcend the limitations of the mind. As long as you are in the mind, you are ruled by the past, because mind is just an accumulation of the past. If you are looking at life only through the mind, then you will make your future just like the past, [...]

Organizing The Mind For Success

When one begins to suffer their success, it is time to relook at the fundamentals. Sadhguru explains that being successful by accident can only lead to anxiety. Only by organizing your mind in one direction can one earn success.

The Four Parts of Mind – Harnessing the True Power of the Mind

Sadhguru explains the four parts of mind - Buddhi, Manas, Ahankara and Chitta - and reveals that if you manage to touch the Chitta which is the cosmic intelligence, God becomes your slave!

Taming The Mind and Ego

Sadhguru: Searching for truth is itself a big illusion because whatever we term “the truth” is always and everywhere. We don’t have to search for it or seek it. It always is. The only problem right now is you are capable of experiencing life only through the limited dimension that we call “mind”. Patanjali defined [...]

Quotes on the Mind by Sadhguru

Sadhguru overturns several popular misconceptions about the mind and thoughts in these 6 quotes.

Sadhguru on How to Get Rid of Stress

Shekhar Kapur: Since I’m having the chance to interview you, I know people will say, “Well, why didn’t you ask about how to get rid of stress?” Is there a definition that we can assign to the idea of stress? Sadhguru: When I first went to the United States a few years ago, wherever I [...]

Entrepreneurial Stress: Dealing with Expectations

Questioner: A main stress point for any manager or an entrepreneur is to manage peer group relationships. After all, many enterprises start with friends and family. We find that entrepreneurs go through a lot of stress and anxiety when they are building their enterprise, especially when the enterprise is doing well. The whole burden of [...]

Work Hard or Work Happy? Sadhguru on Stress and Time Management

n this conversation, Piyush Pandey wonders how Sadhguru manages his time between global travel, golf, motorcycling and much more. Sadhguru shares that most people in the world are not really busy, just preoccupied with their thoughts and emotions. He explains that if your body and intelligence are working for you, you can work joyfully and […]

How Yoga Makes Stress-free Living Possible

Sadhguru answers a question on stress relief and describes how yoga makes it possible to live a life free of stress. Banishing myths about stress relief and stress management, he explores how taking stress out of lives is entirely in our hands, if only we empower the body, mind and energy with the right kind [...]

Yoga: An Antidote to Stress – Podcast Tuesday

Sadhguru explains how stress is a certain kind of chemistry in the body, just as peace and joy are other kinds of chemistries. He explains that yoga is a technology to create the kind of chemistry within yourself that you want. [powerpress url=”″]