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The spiritual path can be a confusing journey, and whether one is going forwards, backwards, or totally off-track may not be obvious at all. Sadhguru explains that spirituality essentially means breaking everything that limits us.

Spirituality is a Certain Way of Being

Actress and director Nandita Das and ad man Prahlad Kakkar join Sadhguru on the Times Now TV channel and explore the question "What is spirituality?"

When You Are Finished with Everything, Spirituality Begins

Going through life in its various aspects and stages, you may reach a point where you realize that all that you are involved in, all that you used to hold as desirable and precious does not really lead you to fulfillment. Sadhguru explains, that is where the true journey begins. [powerpress url=”″] Editor’s Note: For […]

24×7 Spirituality

Sadhguru looks at how it doesn’t take much to transform ourselves completely, if we keep our spirituality “ON” 24x7.

Evaluating Growth on the Spiritual Path

Question: How do we known how much spiritual growth we have experienced? How do we know we are moving ahead on the spiritual path? Sadhguru: In the initial phase, do not worry about whether you are moving ahead or backwards because your logical judgments will be very misleading. When you sit for your kriya in [...]

What Spirituality Means – Moving Towards Ultimate Freedom

Shekar Kapur: Sadhguru, you have said many times that the highest goal is freedom. Freedom from what? Sadhguru: Generally, before 1947 in India, if you said “freedom,” people only thought, “If the British go away, we are free.” That was the idea of freedom at that time. The British went away. Now, are we free? [...]

The Two Ways to Speed Up Your Spiritual Process

Q: How can we allow the spiritual process to happen within us in full flow, and what might we be doing unconsciously that might keep it from happening? The most fundamental thing is your likes and dislikes. Everything else is based upon this. Who you can be with and who you cannot be with, what [...]

Women on the Spiritual Path

In the second part of the “Women and Spirituality” series Sadhguru speaks about how distorted perceptions have crept into culture and tradition, creating a bias against women on the spiritual path.

Does Spirituality Make You Special?

Sadhguru: For many people, the reason why the spiritual path seems to be a struggle is that their culture and social situations have always taught them to be special. One’s whole life effort becomes focused on this. To be special means to have something that others do not have. But this is not special, it [...]

Spirituality – Not a Moral Code

Q: Some people seem to keep spirituality separate from life. Why is this? Is awareness only when you are meditating? Sadhguru: If your spirituality is time-bound, from five to seven in the morning or whatever time, you are just trying to be spiritual; there is nothing spiritual about you. What conclusions have you made about [...]

Is Spirituality Relevant to Leadership?

Sadhguru: The very mention of the word “spirituality” conjures a variety of images in today’s popular culture – a galore of misconceptions. Spirituality is not about love or humanity or ecological consciousness. Those things can be done without any spirituality; you just need a little sense in your head. If I must define spirituality, I [...]

Is Celibacy a Necessity on the Spiritual Path?

Q: Is celibacy the only way or can people in whatever is considered as “normal life” also have a foothold in spirituality? Sadhguru: The whole dimension of spirituality is to grow beyond the physical, to taste something beyond the physical. If your involvement with the physical is very deep, naturally your attachment to the body [...]

On the Spiritual Path, There is No "Best"

Questioner: How do I decide which path is best for me? What is your advice on making that decision? Sadhguru: There is no such thing as “the best”. The biggest mistake people make is that they want to choose that which is the best. Whether it is your career, marriage, spiritual choices, ultimate choices – [...]