What is yoga, exactly? Is it just an exercise form? Is it a religion, a philosophy, an ideology? Or is it something else entirely? The word “yoga” literally means “union”. In these articles, Sadhguru explains that yoga essentially means “that which brings you to reality.”

What is Bhakti Yoga - The Path of Devotion

Bhakti Yoga: The Nature of Devotion

Bhakti Yoga means using the intensity of one's emotion to transcend one's limitations.Sadhguru explains how being a devotee is the most intelligent way to exist. Read Article

Yoga for Depression - Banish Depression from your system

Banish Depression from Your System

Sadhguru speaks on how to handle yourself in such a way that you can banish depression from your system: “In yoga, depression is handled at… Read Article

Pay Attention!

Sadhguru speaks about the importance of paying attention, and bring our attentiveness to a peak. Read Article

Karma yoga is the yoga of action

What Is Karma Yoga and Why Is It Needed?

Sadhguru demystifies the path of Karma Yoga and explains how one can use their actions to either liberate or to bind themselves. Read on to… Read Article

Six questions to help learn Yoga

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Yoga

Want to learn yoga, but don’t know where to start? Sadhguru answers some common questions from “yoga beginners.” Read Article

Yoga Mudra

Mudras in Yoga, The Meaning and Science behind it

Sadhguru looks at the science of mudras and the capability of human hands to function as a “control panel to everything.” Read Article

Kundalini Yoga benefits

Kundalini Yoga – Is it Beneficial or Dangerous?

Sadhguru looks at the dangers and benefits of Kundalini Yoga. He explores how this powerful spiritual process should be approached with utmost responsibility and reverence. Read Article

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss – Is it Appropriate?

Sadhguru looks at how with yoga, the body naturally comes to its optimal weight. However, doing yoga for weight loss isn’t the best use of… Read Article


Yoga: Finding Ultimate Expression to Life

Though the benefits of yoga are well-known, the fundamental purpose of yoga is often overlooked by many modern practitioners. Sadhguru reminds us that far beyond… Read Article

Yoga – Being a Part of Everything

Q: You defined yoga as a state – presumably a state of being, or state of consciousness. Most people think of yoga as something they… Read Article

What is Yoga?

Sadhguru says, yoga essentially means finding the keys to the nature of the existence. Sadhguru: In the western part of the… Read Article


Why Are There So Many “Rules” in Yoga?

For a new practitioner, adopting a yogic lifestyle may seem to come with many new rules. However, Sadhguru explains, understanding the geometry of the human… Read Article