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Pregnancy Yoga

Motherhood means creating future generations of people. When you have such a privilege and responsibility, it must be conducted consciously. - Sadhguru

Pregnancy Yoga

Motherhood means creating future generations of people. When you have such a privilege and responsibility, it must be conducted consciously. - Sadhguru


Isha Thaimai is an initiative specially designed for pregnant mothers to bring more awareness about their pregnancy and teach them how to keep their body, mind, and emotion in a pleasant way, in order to experience a joyful pregnancy. This program will also be a platform for them to learn about how to deliver a healthy baby and the best ways to take care of the child.

During pregnancy, it is very important that the body, mind, and heart are kept in a pleasant state.
In this culture there has been an elaborate system as to how to take care of a pregnant woman – a whole protected system. Once a woman became pregnant she was taken care of like a precious jewel. This was done because the kind of impressions she puts into herself also goes into the child. If she is in such a pleasant state, she will provide the best possible situation for child to flourish.

Program Structure:

  • 15 sessions total

  • Each session will be for a duration of 1.5 to 2 hours

  • Conducted by qualified and well-trained teachers

Special Features

  • Audio visual clippings are presented to explain about the various stages of pregnancy in a simple way - delivery, neo-natal care, the importance of breast-feeding and child care.

  • Talks, discussions, demonstrations, group activities, and interactions.

  • Gynaecologists supporting the program will be available for consultation.

  • Simple yogic practices, meditation and pranayama will be taught.


  • A happy and healthy pregnancy

  • The yogic practices strengthen pelvic floor and abdomen muscle. It paves way for easy delivery without complications. Also regular practice reduces the mental stress and anxieties that may arise during child birth.

  • Greatly enhances the mental and the physical development of the baby in the womb.

  • After childbirth, one can quickly regain one’s physical state prior to pregnancy.

Sadhguru on Pregnancy & Motherhood


I had a problem-free pregnancy and child birth. Contrary to the belief that the first delivery is rebirth, my pregnancy was natural and easy. Unlike other women who had been admitted for delivery, I did not vocalize my pain, but with a smile I went through the entire process with awareness and consciousness. I worship the new life that gave me such a tremendous experience. Now my son is growing up with a deep sense of understanding and acceptance.

- N. Manonmani, Vandalur

Upcoming Programs for 'Yoga for Pregnant Women' program

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Sorry, we don't have any upcoming 'Yoga for Pregnant Women' program. Please check back later.

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May 14, 2012