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“Education needs inspiration, not just information. Only inspired human beings can transform their own lives and lives around them." – Sadhguru

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The only one of its kind in East Africa, Sadhguru School in Western Uganda provides a learner-centred international education to rural children, offering them access to a standard of learning that would never normally come their way.

Our vision is to invigorate a new generation of rural African youth to become changemakers, dedicated to improving the communities and world they inhabit. Students are nurtured to become exuberant, fully rounded individuals who are in harmony with themselves and the world. The curriculum is designed to ignite a child’s natural curiosity to learn and explore, in contrast to the more traditional teacher-led methods of rote learning. In addition, we are providing daily yoga practices for the students, and organizing yoga retreats, workshops and events for the local community.

Sadhguru School opened in January 2017 and currently has 93 students aged 3 to 10 years old. By 2022, it expects to have reached capacity of 220 students for primary and early years.


The local children need close to 100% support with school fees

One hundred percent of the first intake of children are from the local community, whose parents are either subsistence farmers with no cash income, or earn between $35 and $80 per month from contract work digging in local fields, or from work on building sites.


How Can One Help?

Sadhguru School students are being offered the foundations for them not to stand in line for jobs, but to be the ones to create jobs in Africa.

Quality education costs. Yet because the school is not-for-profit, and works hard with volunteers to source external funds for infrastructure through grants and corporate donors, it is able to offer a world-class international education at a fraction of the cost of other international schools (whose fees are upwards of $6,000). But most unusually, and the only one of its kind in Uganda, Sadhguru School is offering this world class education to children of the poorest rural families in Uganda - through seeking individuals touched by the initiative who are willing to "adopt" a child, whether it be the full or partial adoption of their education.


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If you are touched by our story and you are willing to help us in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either Clare or Lulu, directors of Sadhguru School, for further information.

Lulu Sturdy
Director of Sadhguru School

Clare Murumba Price
Director of Sadhguru School

Jane O’Leary
Head Teacher


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