2023 Performing Artists Lineup

Mahashivratri is an exuberant nightlong festival with explosive meditations by Sadhguru and spectacular musical performances by renowned artistes. Watch the celebrations online this year.

To make the most of the auspicious night of Mahashivratri, it is recommended to stay awake from sunset until sunrise (in your time zone) with an erect spine.

Ananya Chakraborty

Hailing from Kolkata, the talented Ananya Chakraborty rose to fame with her performance during the reality show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” in 2021. Music composer, song writer and singer, her songs in Bengali and Hindi have received much love and appreciation across the country.

Niladri Kumar

A maverick musician and an exponent of Indian Classical Music, Pandit Niladri Kumar is a world-renowned sitar player. A fifth generation Sitar player from Kolkata, he made his first public appearance at the age of six. Over the years, he has carved his own niche and has emerged as a one-of-a-kind musician who has made India’s beloved musical instrument – the Sitar – more popular and intriguing among music lovers around the world. His electrifying renditions on his own instrumental innovation, the Zitar, are the result of his love and in-depth understanding of classical and traditional styles on the sitar.


A folk singer from Tamil Nadu, Velmurugan holds the Guinness World Record for collaborating with more than 5000 folk artists, and is known for his highly popular songs such as “Adungada” in Naadodigal, “Madhura” in Subramaniapuram and “Otha Sollala” in Aadukalam.
He has been the recipient of several awards, including the Naattuppura Nayagan Award, conferred by the President of India and the Best Playback Singer Award.

Mame Khan

The folk star of Rajasthani music, Mame Khan hails from a family of celebrated folk musicians. He is a passionate and versatile singer, who has taken Rajasthani folk music to more than sixty countries, including the Cannes Film Festival. Mame Khan has won several awards for his playback singing, and has captivated his audience with his singing in numerous popular Hindi films and prestigious music festivals over the past two decades.

Ram Miriyala

Also known as Chowraasta Ram, Ram Miriyala is a songwriter, composer, vocalist and an enchanting flute player! His heartwarming rendition "Maati" touched the hearts of millions of people during the Conscious Planet - Save Soil movement.


Mangli is an Indian singer, television anchor and actress. Since her first break in 2013, her singing, particularly in Telugu, has garnered a huge following. She is watched by millions on YouTube and is a sought-after performer at festivals in India and abroad.

Kutle Khan

The Kutle Khan Project is Khan’s voyage into a world of music beyond boundaries; producing a perfectly distilled blend of musical styles from across the world with a strong Rajasthan folk sensibility, earning numerous awards including the GIMA AWARD, 2015 and the best folk singer in 2019.

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