Mahashivratri at Home

Those who cannot be at the Isha Yoga Center during Mahashivratri can make use of the night in the following manner.

It is most beneficial to stay awake, aware and in a vertical position throughout the night, without lying down.

To create a more conducive atmosphere, you can place Sadhguru’s picture in your space, and light a lamp, offer flowers and burn incense.

You can chant, sing or listen to devotional music.

If alone, it is good to take a walk or be with nature. If in a group, it is good to be silent as far as possible.

The midnight sadhana can be performed in the following manner:

11:10 pm to 11:30 pm - Nadi Shuddhi

11:30 pm to 11:50 pm - AUM chanting

11:50 pm to 12:10 am - Chanting of the Mahamantra, “AUM Namah Shivaya.”

If you are following the celebrations through a live telecast or webcast, you can follow the meditation instructions given there.

Midnight Meditation

At the stroke of midnight, Sadhguru initiates the huge gathering into a very powerful meditation which is the most looked forward to event of the night.

Sadhguru has instructed that the midnight meditation should be done at midnight in your own time zone (start 20 minutes before midnight).

You can watch the Free Livestream here

A Powerful Mantra Chant

A simple chant becomes a powerful process of transformation in the presence of a realized master. This Mahashivratri, join us on the Live webstream to participate in this guided meditation led by Sadhguru.