Offering for Challenging times: Tool to enhance your Exuberance and Inner Balance. Explore Now

Offering for Challenging times: Tool to enhance your Exuberance and Inner Balance.
Offering for Challenging times: Tool to enhance your Exuberance and Inner Balance.



A Night with the Divine

Experience Mahashivratri with
Sadhguru in the presence of AdiYogi

21 Feb, 2020 6pm to 6am Isha Yoga Center

Registration Closed

mahashivratri 2020

“On Mahashivratri, at the foothills of Velliangiri, you are at the right place at the right time. If you keep yourself receptive, this can be a night of awakening.” – Sadhguru

Mahashivratri presents us with a unique opportunity to make use of the forces of nature for our wellbeing. At 11 degree latitude in India, because of the tilt and precision in the spin axis of the Earth, the centrifugal force is nearly vertical, and Isha Yoga Center by virtue of being on this latitude becomes an ideal place to be on the night of Mahashivratri.

The exuberant nightlong festival at the Isha Yoga Center sets the ideal ambiance for the unfolding of an intense spiritual experience.

The nightlong festival features:

Midnight Meditation

The most sought-after happening, Sadhguru initiates the millions gathered at the Isha Yoga Center and the billions watching online, into a powerful meditation. Stay awake to make this a spiritual possibility for you!

Musical Performances

Every year at Isha, we celebrate Mahashivaratri in grandeur with renowned artistes performing music and dance through the night to inspire everyone to participate and benefit from it.

Rudraksh Prasadam

Devotees who are at the Isha Yoga Center on Mahashivratri will receive a rudraksh bead as prasadam. This bead is one of one lakh and eight such rudraksh beads that have adorned Adiyogi over the last a year.

Sarpa Sutra

This Mahashivratri, devotees who come to the Isha Yoga Center for the celebrations will be able to receive a Sarpa Sutra. Made of copper, the Sarpa Sutra should be worn on the left ring finger and is supportive for stability and wellbeing.

Adiyogi Pradakshina

Pradakshina is the process of circumambulating a powerful energy source to imbibe its energy. Through Adiyogi Pradakshina one can become receptive to the Grace of Adiyogi, which can fuel one’s striving towards ultimate liberation.

Bhairavi Maha Yatra

The Linga Bhairavi Utsav Murti will journey from Linga Bhairavi’s Triangular abode to the Adiyogi in a grand procession. You have the unique opportunity to be part of this vibrant Maha Yatra. Bask in the glory, ecstasy and Grace of Devi.


February 21, 2020
6pm – 6am


Isha Yoga Center,
Velliangiri Foothills,
Ishana Vihar Post,
Coimbatore 641 114,India



Participation in Mahashivratri at the Isha Yoga Center is free of cost.

Your contribution towards the event will help us make the possibilities of this night available to millions around the world.

Registration Closed

For queries:

Phone: 83000 83111

In Person FAQ’S

Where can I register offline?

You can register for the program either at the local centers or at the Isha Yoga Center.

Do I need to bring a photo ID card?

Yes, please bring a valid govt. issued photo identification card that you used while registering for Mahashivratri.

For overseas participants a passport with valid visa is mandatory.

What time do I need to be in Isha Yoga center for the event?

Check-in counters will be open from 12 pm on the day of the event. Restroom facilities and food-stalls are available at the celebration venue. Please bring a printout of your e-pass that was sent to you through email.

I don’t know Tamil language, can I attend this program?

Mahashivratri will be conducted in English with Tamil and Hindi. Live translation for online participants is available in 7 Indian languages (Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam) and 5 global languages (Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Portuguese)

I have difficulty sitting on the floor.

Chairs will be provided throughout the event.

Will accommodation be provided for the program duration?

No accommodation will be provided for Mahashivratri. If you wish to stay in the ashram you can register for Classical Yoga Workshop program being conducted from Feb 18 to Feb 22.

Can I bring family members/ guests with me?

Only participants of the Classical Yoga Workshop will be allowed to stay in the Isha Yoga Center premises during the program. We are not able to accommodate other family members or guests who are not registering as participants.

Can I bring my children? What is the minimum age required to participate in the Classical Yoga Workshop?

We do not have facilities or resources to take care of children and/ or minors during the event. We request you to arrange guardianship at home for them while you are here.

The participants should be at least 10 years of age. Alternatively, you could choose to stay in Coimbatore and come for Mahashivratri with your family.

What are the criteria for attending Mahashivratri ?

There are no criteria; anyone above 10 years of age and of reasonable physical fitness can attend the event.

What kind of food can I bring to the event?

Maha Annadanam will be provided for everyone attending the event. If you have to carry your own food due to dietary restrictions, you may carry wholesome vegetarian meals.

Can I bring my vehicle? Is parking available?

Limited parking will be available. Parking is at owner’s risk and no liability will be taken by event organizers. If you wish to offer your vehicle to support with venue preparations, you can do so as well.

Can I register for the Mahashivratri when I come to the venue?

Due to the large scale of the event, it would be best if you register for Mahashivratri at least 15 days before the event to avoid any disappointments. Spot registrations on the day will be subject to availability.

How do I know if my registration is complete?

After you register for Mahashivratri, you will receive an e-receipt and a confirmation email with your registration number. Closer to the event, an e-Pass will be sent to you through email.

I have not attended Inner Engineering, can I take part in Mahashivratri?

Yes, the Isha Mahashivratri event is open to everyone.

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