Adiyogi: un poema de Sadhguru

Sadhguru shares his poem, depicting the transformational power of the Adi Yogi.

A quiet Sea
A quiet Day
A quiet Mind

But a raging Heart
Blazing with Fire
Of an ancient Sage.

Burning for many a millennia
Destructive for the ignorant
Enlightening for the seeking
Brutal to the stubborn
Tender to the willing.

When all the tricks fall
The First Yogi’s Fire shall
Burn the ignorant pall
To light the future’s citadel

Citadels of future are first
built in the minds of Ignorance or Light

These citadels when lit with Grace
Of the Blue-Bodied Maker of all race

Will be a worthy place to dwell here
and a passage to the ways of the beyond.

O’ how fortunate are we
To carry the Fire of the Adi Yogi.

Amor y gracia


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