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Sat, Sept 22nd
at Isha Institute of Inner‑sciences
Free Yoga Sessions, International Food, Family-friendly activities and Live Music
9 AM - 5 PM

Learn About the Event

Yoga and meditation for all ages and ability levels
Globally-inspired vegetarian food
Hike to waterfalls and scenic bluff overlooks
Family-friendly activities
The International Day of Peace or World Peace Day declared by United Nations is observed on 21 September and has been celebrated at Isha Institute annually. This provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to peace above all difference and to contribute towards building a culture of peace.

During the Celebrations, You Can Enjoy:

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“Yogic practices of all sorts are essentially to make one's energies come awake, hence raising the human beings to higher possibility of perception and function.” - Sadhguru
Learn simple yet powerful practices that you will take home and can continue doing on your own:
  • Upa Yoga - Physical yoga to relieve stress and boost energy
  • Isha Kriya - Powerful meditation for beginners to bring clarity, health, and joy.
  • Nada Yoga - The yoga of sound which can strengthen one’s physical and mental constitution and bring tremendous balance and wellbeing.
  • Yoga Namaskar - A physical yoga practice that nurtures the physical, psychological and energy dimensions.
International Food
Experience a world of taste in one place. Savor healthy vegetarian food that is inspired by the unique cuisines from around the world.
Isha’s own homegrown band offers a fusion of music from different parts of the world, traversing effortlessly across boundaries and cultures.


Plan Your Day

IMPORTANT: Please note times listed below are Central Standard Time (CST)

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Yoga for Peace (60 min)
Isha Kriya (45 min)
Travis Pratt Concert (25 min)
Meditation for Peace (45 min)
Yoga for Peace (60 min)
Meditation for Peace (45 min)
Guided Hike (60 min)
Meditation for Peace (45 min)
Nada Yoga (60 min)
Guided Hike (60 min)
Travis Pratt Concert (25 min)
Yoga for Peace (60 min)
Healthy Cooking Class (45 min)
Isha Kriya (45 min)
Guided Hike (60 min)


9am - 5pm
Family-Friendly Activities
10am - 5:45pm
Vegetarian Lunch
8am - 8pm
Abode of Yoga
8am - 9pm
Isha Shoppe

Adiyogi: Abode of Yoga

Yoga Namaskar (20 min)
Special offering
Yoga Namaskar (20 min)
Yoga Namaskar (20 min)
Arathi at the Abode
All sessions are open to all ability levels, no prior experience required

Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Ages 7+

Whether you’re seeking health and joy or peace and wellbeing, the simple practices offered in these sessions are designed to help you cut through the struggle and walk through life with ease
(Empty or light stomach is recommended)

Isha Kriya: Guided Meditation

Ages 12+

A simple and powerful meditation for clarity, health and joy.

Nada Yoga: The Yoga of Sound

Ages 7+

When practiced daily, this simple meditation can strengthen one’s physical and mental constitution and bring about tremendous balance and well-being.

Travis Pratt Concert

Mahima Hall

We are pleased to welcome back Travis Pratt, star of the hit NBC show America's Got Talent. Travis brings new meaning to the genre classical crossover in a way that's never been done. Travis brings his operatically trained voice to the table and fuses it with his Gospel roots and love for international music. Audiences affectionately refer to Travis' music as "World Soul".

Healthy Cooking Class

Dining Hall

Pranic foods supply abundant life energy to the system that supports the liveliness of the body and an alert, peaceful mind. Come learn a yummy, highly-pranic vegetarian recipe that you can easily take home and prepare on your own.

Guided Hikes

Meet on west side of food court

Guided hikes to waterfalls or a bluff vista.

Family-Friendly Activities

Activity Field

Vegetarian Lunch

Dining Hall

Globally-inspired vegetarian selections along with a tasty and creative juice bar are available for purchase throughout the day.

Isha Shoppe

Yoga gear, books, and handmade crafts available at Isha Shoppe from 8:30am-8pm.

Adiyogi: The Abode of Yoga

A powerful meditation space open throughout the day.

Yoga Namaskar

Ages 7+

A physical yoga practie that nurtures the physical, psychological and energy dimensions of a human being.

Special Offering

A special offering at Adiyogi: The Abode of Yoga


Arathi at Adiyogi: The Abode of Yoga

Nestled in the verdant forests of Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland, Isha Institute of Inner-sciences offers a much-needed mountain retreat for visitors looking to relax and recharge.

Connect with Nature

Connect with Nature

Explore more than 10 miles of hiking trails, leading you to dramatic waterfalls, calming pools and streams, and breathtaking overlooks with sweeping views of undulating mountains.

Hike to the bluffs

A Tranquil Environment in your Backyard

Just a 1.5-hour drive from Nashville and only 45 minutes from Chattanooga, this 1,400-acre spiritual center might feel a world away, but it’s close enough for a quick day trip.


Just a 1.5-hour drive from Nashville and only 45 minutes from Chattanooga, this 1,400-acre classical yoga and meditation center might feel a world away, but it’s close enough for a quick day trip.

Map of Isha Institute of Inner-sciences

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